Sunline's Core Business System for Asset Management Wins One Project After Another
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Recently, Sunline won the Anhui Zhongan Asset Core Business System and Chengdu Yihang Asset Digital Business Platform projects with its professional asset management core business system solutions, mature products, advanced technical architecture and rich case implementation experience, taking another solid step in the business system construction field of local asset management companies, helping customers drive business growth and digital transformation.

Repairing both the inside and outside to create an industry-leading business management platform

Strict supervision has become the general trend with the promulgation of new regulatory regulations such as the Measures for the Supervision of Financial Asset Management Companies.

The increase of downward pressure on the economy, continuous expansion of non-performing asset market and rapid development of non-performing asset management industry develops.

Non-performing asset market has gradually presented a competitive pattern of "5+2+N+banking" with the relaxation of policies and the competition has become increasingly fierce.

Offline business operation mode is inefficient, and is difficult to support the rapid development of asset companies' businesses in the era of rapid development of informatization.

The construction of the core business system of asset management companies is a concrete measure to deeply implement the spirit of supervision and effectively implement the rectification opinions making it a proper meaning of grasping the pulse of the market and actively participating in intra-industry competition. It is also an inevitable requirement to help the transformation and development of asset companies, to efficiency manage and explore new engines of internal development.

Sunline has been looking out for the asset management industry since 2015, relying on rich IT service experience combined with the latest development trends of financial technology to create a comprehensive business management system solution that meets the development needs of asset management companies, helping them comprehensively improve their comprehensive business capabilities. In addition, the professional technical service team escorts the business goals of asset management enterprises, and has successfully implemented more than 20 cases in China so far, including five major asset companies, local AMC, AIC, etc.

In recent years, Sunline's asset management system products have been continuously upgraded, adopting a localized distributed + microservices technology architecture, separating the design of the front and back ends to achieve refined and intelligent application of the system to meet existing business needs and changes in regulatory requirements, ultimately future-proofing business development of asset management companies.

·       Create a one-stop project operation, de-menu-based operation, and efficient core business system based on workflow engine and rule engine to meet the personalized service needs of customers.

·       Introduce a professional accounting engine to automatically generate financial vouchers for business flow, and achieve the purpose of financial means management business and business-driven financial accounting.

·       Introduce the bank's professional risk control rule engine, establish a digital comprehensive risk control model system, digitize and automate the internal control system.

·       Connecting with external big data to realize digital business operations based on big data applications, big data due diligence, big data risk control, intelligent valuation, etc.

·       Adopts project-driven operation mode and flexible configuration of components, effectively supports various core business operation processes that are more hierarchical, open and componentized.

·       Realize the electronic, process-oriented and standardized business and management to prevent and resolve operational risks, standardize business operations, assist management decisions, improve work efficiency, promote business development, reduce management costs, and improve asset management efficiency.

Two major winning projects to build a digital layout of customers

Anhui Zhong'an Financial Asset Management Co., Ltd. was established on June 26, 2017 with a registered capital of RMB 4 billion and is the only provincial state-controlled local asset management company approved by the Anhui Provincial People's Government. Chengdu Yihang Asset Management Co., Ltd. was established on July 26, 2018 with a registered capital of RMB 10 billion and is a provincial-level local asset management company approved by the Sichuan Provincial People's Government.

At present, asset management companies attach great importance to IT system construction, and in the early stage of project development, they will conduct detailed investigation on the system construction and service providers of domestic asset management companies, and make reasonable planning for business system construction in accordance with the requirements of the country’s 14th Five-Year Plan. Under the guidance of the vision of digital transformation, these companies will adhere to the determination to resolve regional risks and serve the real economy, focus on the main business of non-performing assets, rely on the two-wheel drive development of "large non-performing + large investment banks" to give full play to the functions of the four engines of "industrial specialization, asset management, synergistic value, regional focus and expansion", and ultimately achieve the three goals of "online business", "integration of industry and finance" and "data visualization".

Adhering to the service concept of "customer-centric", Sunline has built core business system solutions in line with business development for the two customers based on their current situation and architecture planning of their needs. The solution supports the microservices of business components, provides scalability, stability, and strong business adaptability of the service system, and can quickly respond to business innovation or changes, which has been highly recognized by customers.

Winning the two core business systems are huge milestone cases for Sunline in the asset management industry, which has important reference significance for the subsequent IT system construction and selection of the entire asset management industry. Sunline will take this as an opportunity to increase innovation, upgrade products, and help more asset management companies reshape their competitive advantages and achieve breakthrough in their business development.

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