Sunline the Preferred Partner for an Agricultural Credit Guarantee Company to Leverage Data and Help Rural Revitalization
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A few days ago, Sunline won the data platform construction project for a provincial agricultural credit guarantee company in China, actively exploring the digital transformation of the agricultural burden system, helping the high-quality development of agricultural credit guarantees, and providing financial services for rural revitalization with agriculture as well as empowering rural modernization.

The report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China proposed to comprehensively promote rural revitalization. Implementing the rural revitalization strategy is a major historical task in building a moderately prosperous society and building a modern socialist country in an all-rounded way. Fully supporting the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy is not only the political responsibility of the national strategy for financial services, but also an important opportunity for the high-quality development of finance.

As one of the important starting points of the financial services rural revitalization strategy, the national agricultural credit guarantee system is the "bridge" between the government, financial institutions and farmers, providing "one-stop" services such as financial support policies, subsidy funds, and loan guarantees for new agricultural entities, ensuring that financial living water continues to flow to the three rural related fields.

A provincial-level agricultural credit guarantee limited liability company (hereinafter referred to as a provincial agricultural credit guarantee company) focuses on the policy of serving the three rural areas, serving national food security, and supporting the role of grain "ballast", takes solving the "difficult and expensive financing" of agriculture as its own responsibility, continues to give full play to the efficiency of agricultural credit guarantee services, and makes positive contributions to financial promotion of poverty alleviation and the implementation of rural revitalization strategy.

At present, in the face of new opportunities and challenges in the era of digital economy, how to give full play to the driving role of digital technology, create a new engine for the growth of agricultural burden business, continuously expand the coverage of agricultural burden policies, and enhance the availability and inclusiveness of rural financial services has become an urgent need of the provincial agricultural credit guarantee company.

As a leading financial technology service provider in the industry, Sunline believes that big data empowers corporate decision-making, risk prevention and control, and is a new lever to leverage financial support for farmers. Taking data as a key production factor, deepening data application and bridging the "digital divide" have become the key links for financial technology to accurately empower rural finance. With the advantages of industry understanding and data accumulation through 20 years of deep cultivation of financial informatization, Sunline won the bid for the data platform construction project of in one fell swoop, and will tailor an efficient, robust and secure one-stop data platform solution for the customer.

In view of the large number of new agricultural business entities in this project and the various types of scattered and incomplete information in multiple departments, Sunline will sort out the business data at all levels related to the business decision-making of the provincial agricultural credit guarantee company based on a global perspective, including relevant government departments, banks, upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry chain, customers, businesses as well as other internal and external data resources to complete the reclassification and storage of basic data, the classification and sorting of main business application scenarios; build a data architecture with industry characteristics; realize the unified management and application of data assets; and provide future data needs through data mining, data analysis, data-driven decision-making, etc. to provide a solid foundation for the company.

As the most important capital factor allocation system in China's rural economic development, rural finance plays an important role in the rural revitalization strategy. As a financing bridge for rural finance, the digital transformation process of the agriculture credit guarantee company is of great significance to the development of rural digital inclusive finance. Sunline looks forward to working with more agriculture credit guarantee companies to actively explore the application of cutting-edge digital technologies in business scenarios, and further empower rural financial services with innovation to improve quality and efficient services.


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