Deputy Mayor of Nanshan District and Representative Officers Visited Sunline's Headquarters
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On September 14 2022, Mr. Xia Lei, Deputy Mayor of Nanshan District, led representative officers from District Government Inspectors, District Science and Technology Innovation Bureau, District Industry and Information Bureau, District Enterprise Development Service Center, and District Financial Development Service Center to visit Sunline for inspection and guidance work. Sunline’s Executive President Mr. Li Jinsong, Executive Vice President Mr. Zhao Weihong, and Executive Vice President Mr. Sun Shisheng represented the company for key reporting and in-depth exchanges with the district officers on the new ecology of Sunline.

Through the basic understanding of Sunline's operating conditions, Mr. Xia highly recognizes Sunline's innovation ability and technical strength, and is very optimistic about the company’s achievements and market planning in China’s innovation-led developments, as well as expressing appreciation for the company’s positive overseas performance and potential development, hoping Sunline could be a strong "bellwether", actively build a financial technology ecosystem, as well as promote more robust interactions and exchanges between cross-industry enterprises. Mr. Xia stated, "Sunline have the three labels of “software company”, “financial company”, and “technology company”, which can be used to represent an image company in Nanshan District."

At the same time, Mr. Xia also emphasized that "the government is open", in view of the problems encountered by Sunline in terms of scale expansion and market development, such as tight office space and short timeline for cross-border visas, the district leaders listened carefully to the feedback on the problems, and the leaders of different competent departments answered them one by one, giving targeted solution suggestions and policy guidance.

The Deputy District Mayor is very sure that Sunline's practice of taking the lead in reducing wages at the top level to ensure that there are no layoffs and no wage cuts for employees under the "cold winter" of the post-epidemic period resonates with the policy advocated by the country, playing a good role in enterprise demonstration. He said that in the future, a smoother communication mechanism will be established, more guiding policies will be formulated, and enterprises with good performance in lieu with the jurisdiction will be promoted. Lastly, Mr. Xia hopes that Sunline’s ecosystem will grow bigger, and with the continuous enhancement of China's national strength, the company will become a first-class financial technology enterprise in China and globally.

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