Sunline and Huawei Convened Financial Summit in Indonesia to Map Out Future for Indonesian Banks
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Leading Banking Software and Technology Services Company, Sunline recently co-hosted Financial Summit Indonesia 2022 with China Unicorn, Huawei at the Westin Jakarta on September 6th 2022. Delegates comprising of IT and finance leaders convened at the financial summit that is centered on capturing the real value from Cloud and Digital Transformation through Core Modernization.

Core modernization is vital as more banks move to cloud platforms and are faced with outdated legacy systems rapidly becoming obsolete in the era of Inclusive Banking and banks that hold on to legacy systems poses great risks of losing their competitive edges. Sunline’s comprehensive digital banking solution, MCore is built to help future-proof banks by realizing operations simplicity and efficiency while maximizing revenue streams. In the era where Cloud and software-as-a-service (SaaS) adoptions are key drivers of future success, Sunline is thinking one step ahead and will roll out its SaaS delivery model in the near future to provide Indonesian banks with a hyper-efficient, elastic scalability adoption alternative.

Sunline is the leading global banking software and technology services provider with more than 6000 employees serving beyond 800 banking and financial institutions worldwide. As the global financial technology leader and the top 1 core banking service provider in China, Sunline leads the development of technologies empowerment and innovation in the financial industry with advanced technologies and rich products with major accolades including IDC China Top 50 Fintech, Global Brand Award Most Innovative Fintech Company, Forbes China 50 Most Innovative Companies, and more. With a solid footprint in Indonesia for more than half a decade, Sunline has helped many top tier banks in the country transformed with its robust core banking solution. A benchmark customer success case reported growth exceeding 100 times in terms of account openings and 80 times in terms of transaction volume since the launching of the new core.

Sunline and strategic partner Huawei who co-hosted the event, demonstrate their support to the concept of Core Modernization through actively investing in the construction of joint solutions to help banks bring new capabilities to the market more quickly and remain top performing. With increasing successful implementation cases in the global financial industry, the continuous collaborations between the two partners will bring greater innovation to the Indonesian market, helping the financial industry in the country to accelerate their Core Modernization journey.

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