Great News for Sunline in Winning Multiple Honors at the Financial Data Intelligence Solution Award!
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Recently, Fintech Innovation in China released the 4th Financial Data Intelligence Solution Award and Sunline’s Data Asset Management Platform and Intelligent Supervision Platform respectively won the “Excellent Solutions for Data Governance and Data Platform Innovation” and "Excellent Solution for Supervision and Compliance", further verifying the innovation and intelligence of Sunline's products and solutions. At present, Sunline has won the Financial Data Intelligence Solution Award for two consecutive years.

(Photo source: Financial Data Intelligence Solution Award)

The selection of "Financial Data Intelligence Solution Award" is sponsored by Fintech Innovation in China and supported by the Global Institute of Financial Professionals (GIFP). The requirements of the industry plus the advancement and excellence of the solutions were used for reference, are gradually becoming an important reference for the selection of projects in the data intelligence field of various financial institutions.

Highlights of the Intelligent Supervision Platform Solution Interpretation

In the era of strict supervision, the requirements of the regulatory authorities on the data quality and business compliance of financial institutions are constantly increasing. Sunline's intelligent supervision platform can meet the needs of the financial industry for regulatory reporting, unify the regulatory portal, and provide financial institutions with a one-stop regulatory reporting services. At the same time, the product has strong scalability and realizes "one-click upgrade and rapid deployment" to quickly respond to frequent adjustments of the regulatory system.

Based on the new situation of comprehensive and high-quality strict supervision, Sunline's intelligent supervision platform can better help financial institutions solve pain points such as big data volume, handling difficulty, poor data quality and rectification issues, frequent system changes and upgrade limitations, which turns the complex and tedious supervision and reporting into an easy, efficient and accurate process.

At present, the plan has been implemented in nearly 100 financial institutions including direct-selling banks, joint-stock banks, city commercial banks, private banks, and financial companies.

Interpretation of highlights of data asset management platform

Under the wave of digitalization, data assets have gradually become an important production factor for enterprises. As data becomes more abundant with enterprise application scenarios, it is also becoming more complex and diverse. Data management and value mining have become increasingly complex and difficult.

Sunline's data asset management platform focuses on managing and maximizing the use of data, centers around visualization and intelligence, and adopts the design concept of microservices and loose coupling to provide financial users with intelligent inventory of data assets and data standards. One-stop governance of construction, data quality, data security policy management and control, data link visualization display and other functions, helping financial institutions capitalize data and provide services for assets, further enhancing financial institutions' data asset management capabilities, improve financial institutions' data services capabilities, and continue to release the value of financial institutions’ data assets.

As a fintech leader who has been deeply engaged in big data business for many years, Sunline has obtained the copyright of Sunline’s Data Asset Management System V4.0 through continuous iterative upgrade of the data asset management products based on its rich experience in consulting and implementation projects in the field of data assets, and providing a landing data asset management platform for the normalization of data asset management in banks, securities, insurance, financial companies and other industries.

In the era of big data, Sunline will continue to use its technological advantages of self-innovation and research, integrate industry experience and data intelligence technologies to output better products and solutions and build new chapter in the era of digital intelligence!

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