Sunline Crowned "Public Welfare Fintech Enterprise" at the 8th Golden Pine Award
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The results of the 8th Golden Pine Award under the financial technology industry were officially announced on 21st February 2022. With over 100 companies participating in the 31 awards competition, Sunline was selected as the winner for "Public Welfare Fintech Enterprise" with its strong accomplishment towards social responsibility through technology.

The Golden Pine Award is an online selection for the financial technology industry hosted by the mobile payment network. This annual grand ceremony aims to comprehensively display the development of financial technology companies in the past year from multiple dimensions such as enterprises, products, solutions, case studies, and innovation.

As a strong leader and public listed company in the field of financial technology, the development of Sunline originated from society. While the business has achieved rapid development, Sunline actively fulfilled its due missions as corporate social responsibility. At the beginning of the outbreak, Sunline drove a few employee donations totaling RMB 9.217 million. Last year, a new round of domestic epidemic broke out and in order to help with epidemic prevention and control, Sunline donated nearly 1,000 sets of protective clothing to communities and hospitals, demonstrating corporate responsibility with practical actions. During the Henan rainstorm, Sunline prepared raincoats, rubber shoes, instant food, and other disaster relief materials required by the local area, and launched the "Flood Control and Disaster Relief Fundraising Activities" among its employees to carry out the rescue operation.

Sunline has always been a leader in financial technology innovation and has empowered the development of the industry with leading technology, while never forgetting to fulfill its social responsibility. Over the past two decades, the original intention is as strong as a rock, and the company has worked hard to help with the implementation of the national financial security and controllable strategy with advanced technology, help financial services cater to the real economy, empower digital transformation, bringing Chinese financial technologies overseas, and lead global financial institutions to move towards the future of digital intelligence. We firmly believe that social responsibility is an obligation rather than a choice. In the future, Sunline will continue to combine corporate development with social responsibility and contribute to the country's economic and social development.


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Action to help Henan:

On July 17, 2021, Henan Province suffered a heavy rainstorm, affecting 14.5316 million people. Many infrastructures were destroyed, farmland was flooded, houses collapsed, and people's lives and property suffered heavy losses. In order to help the people of Henan tide over the difficulties as soon as possible, from 25th to 26th July, Sunline conducted a comprehensive collection and investigation of the disaster-affected needs in Henan, and simultaneously launched the "Flood Prevention and Disaster Relief Fund-raising Activities" among employees, advocating that each of our Sunliners should bravely shoulder social responsibilities and contribute their own strength to the people in the disaster-stricken area. For the use of disaster relief funds, Sunline has donated materials to the front-line rescue workers in Fugou City and Xihua County in Zhoukou City and the people in the resettlement sites in the disaster area by purchasing raincoats, rubber shoes, etc. Flood control materials and food such as ham were delivered to the disaster-stricken areas in the two counties.

Epidemic relief actions:

Since the outbreak of the new crown epidemic in January 2020, the company has launched an employee epidemic relief fund-raising activity with the theme "the country is in trouble, our generation is responsible", raising RMB 9.217 million within the company and helping 1,630 patients from 16 provinces in the society. In August 2021, a new round of domestic epidemic broke out. Much medical staff and community workers stood by day and night. In order to add a safety guarantee to the front-line staff fighting against the epidemic, Sunline decided to donate protective clothing to the high-tech community of Yuehai Street, Nanshan District, and the Overseas Chinese Town Hospital of Nanshan District, to help the epidemic prevention and control in Nanshan District, Shenzhen with practical actions.

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