Sunline Invited to Share Insights on Digital Business Approach at Digital Channel for Cross-Boundary Wealth Management Connect Luncheon
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On December 2, IBM and Atos have organized a close-door cross-boundary wealth management luncheon to help banks discover the cutting-edge technologies and digital transformation practices to drive more business in line with the “Cross Border Wealth Connect Program“ announced by the Hong Kong Government earlier this year. Sunline was invited to share invaluable information and insights on Digital Channels.

Fintechs are reshaping the financial industry, bringing not only challenges but also countless opportunities. Many global banks are already embracing digital transformation and realize the use of Fintechs to improve their businesses and services. Strong scalability and quick responses play an important role in the cross-border wealth management business, enabling digital business scenarios and allowing the flexibility for diverse needs of banks in a vast variety of financial scenarios.

At the Cross-Boundary Wealth Management Connect Luncheon, Matthew Chen, CEO of Sunline Holding, represented Sunline to present his insights on the Platform Ecology Trifecta. In his presentation, Matthew spoke more in-depth about Sunline's Open Banking Platform, Finline, underscoring collaboration as the key for banks to stay ahead in the GBA program. Matthew also highlighted how Finline can create maximum value for banks by connecting various resources and providing the platform ecology trifecta for them to seamlessly and securely achieve B-to-B-to-C.

In line with our vision to be a global leader in financial technology, Sunline is continuously reinventing our solutions by integrating the latest technology trends with industry best practices to provide comprehensive and secure financial solutions. Sunline will continue to embark on our journey to empower the businesses of financial institutions and reinvigorate the financial industry.  

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