Sunline the Only Financial Industry Partner Awarded 2021 Huawei Global Excellent Industry Solution Partner
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During the Huawei Connect 2021 recently, Huawei announced the list of 2021 award-winning excellent partners in the field of ICT infrastructure. Sunline joined the ranks among other outstanding partners and is the only global winner in the financial industry.

More than 1,800 solution partners worldwide were assessed and the most prominent partners were selected based on how they give full play to the advantages of Huawei’s products through close collaborations and the significant success they have achieved in their relative industry.

In the past year, Sunline and Huawei have joined forces to launch a number of joint solutions in the global financial field and have successfully implemented them to jointly accelerate the digital transformation of the financial industry worldwide.

In China, Sunline and Huawei have jointly launched solutions such as the full-stack distributed core banking system based on Kunpeng’s ecosystem and Huawei’s financial integrated data warehouse. The distributed core banking system and Kunpeng 920 server have been put into operation in China. At the same time, the joint solution based on openGauss data center has also been put into production in nearly 10 banks.

In the international market outside of China, Sunline and Huawei have jointly launched a digital banking solution that runs on Huawei’s public cloud as well as a global contactless swift loan all-in-one solution. Currently, the digital banking solution based on Huawei’s public cloud’s digital loan business system has been implemented in Indonesia’s Bank Neo Commerce. With its advantages in enabling the bank’s business transformation during the epidemic with precise and rapid lending support, the solution is highly recognized by top banks.

As Mr. Wang, the Chairman of Sunline said, “The collaboration between Sunline and Huawei is an open ecosystem. In the past two years, our has embarked on a virtuous circle. We hope to continue and deepen this partnership in China and abroad.”

In the future, Sunline will continue to work hand in hand with Huawei and invest more resources into the full-stack Kunpeng ecosystem to jointly promote the transformation of global financial technology and help more financial customers succeed in the new normal.

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