Sunline and Huawei Officially Launched Joint Distributed Core Solution at Huawei Connect 2021
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Huawei’s global annual flagship event for the information and communications technology (ICT) industry, Huawei Connect 2021 with the theme “Dive into Digital” convened leaders and experts from the ICT industry to enable cross-border exchanges about digital transformation. The summit on September 23 Huawei and industry experts presented highlights of the event from a unique perspective to explain the latest trends and insights around digital transformation, discuss the in-depth business scenarios and cone000 build together Open and win-win industrial ecology.

As a vital ecological partner of Huawei's financial industry, Sunline was invited to participate in the summit in which both companies officially released a new generation joint distributed core solution. The solution applies Huawei Gauss database, runs on Huawei’s Taishan server and Kunpeng chip as well as equipped with the technologies of Sunline’s distributed core business system to create a new core solution with novel experience, capabilities, speed, architecture and foundation.

In the sub-forum "Diving into Cloud Transformation to Facilitate Agile and Innovative Financial Services", Sunline introduced the characteristics of the joint solution in detail. Adopting advanced distributed, unitized and microservices framework, Sunline’s core business system merges with Huawei’s six major technical components and covers more than 500 business scenarios such as deposit applications, loan applications, bank card applications, public operations and end-of-day batches. The financial scenario tests are all based on the number of accounts and customers at the level of 100 million basing on the capabilities of Huawei’s Kunpeng server, operating system, distributed database as well as operation and maintenance services provided by Huawei Cloud.

The joint solution has a qualitative improvement in terms of capacity, throughput, rapid deployment and elastic expansion compared to a legacy core solution based on a single architecture:

-   In terms of application deployment, the new generation core solution supports containerized deployment, reducing deployment efficiency from hourly to minute and increasing deployment efficiency by more than 90%.

-   In terms of high availability, the overall solution can easily achieve dual-active in the same city with disaster recovery time index reduced to 5 minutes with an 83% reduction.

-   The system can complete deployment and start-up of the new financial business unit within 2 hours, realizing the rapid increase of the logical computer room and greatly improving the elastic expansion capability of the core application solution.

Sunline and Huawei have established multi-level in-depth collaborations, with not only the integration of Sunline’s core business system with the full integration of Huawei hardware + operating system + database and Huawei Cloud ecosystem, but also the successful implementation case in the industry. In the future, further collaborations between Sunline and Huawei will bring greater imagination to the market, helping the financial industry to accelerate their digital transformation.

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