Sunline Jointly Built Big Data Ecosystem with Inspur Commercial Machines
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A few days ago, Sunline's data warehouse solution and Inspur K1 Power domestic high-end server have successfully launched a localized database. After 24 basic function tests and business scenario performance tests, the collaboration has run perfectly with seamless compatibility, marking an important reference significance in terms of comprehensive localization of data warehouse from construction to implementation.

In the experimental verification environment, both parties fully certified the test. The results show that the joint solution can give full play to the performance of software and hardware resources. The comprehensive disk reading and write performance of the server cluster is stable at peak state. Under high concurrency, the overall batch running time meets the predetermined target requirements and the number of optimal performance concurrencies for batch comprehensive execution was obtained. Preliminary evaluation shows that the actual production environment is expected to increase batch efficiency by about 40%. The joint solution can improve resource utilization of financial institutions, saving deployment time and improving operational efficiency for their IT departments.

Previously, Sunline's new generation V8 core banking system that runs on Inspur server has been implemented on many financial customers such as Liaoning Rural Credit Union as well as other provincial and municipal rural commercial banks with good operational improvements. The collaboration between Sunline’s data warehouse solution with Inspur’s K1 Power domestic high-end servers will further expand the scope of ecological cooperation between the two companies and provide financial institutions with more comprehensive joint solutions.

Sunline’s data warehouse solution is positioned as the unified data resource center for a financial institution, integrating mature data warehouse models, scheduling and monitoring platforms, data exchange platforms and other supporting products to support the development of various analytical applications and contribute to the sustainable development of financial services. The solution has been widely recognized by the market since its launch and has been implemented in dozens of financial institutions.

Inspur K1 Power server adopts the latest POWER9 processor, enabling an increase of 40% in terms of performance as compared to the previous generation POWER8 processor. The single-processor core supports 4~8 threads to more efficiently respond to the thread requirements of the multi-service process under the microservices architecture. The number of services that can be carried by a single machine far exceeds what X86 architecture can provide.

This joint solution fully verifies the compatibility and superiority of Sunline's data warehouse solution with Inspur's hardware server, laying the foundation for subsequent collaborations in the big data field as well as further promoting the acceleration of digital transformation and development of the financial industry.

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