Sunline Implemented Ping An Bank's New 'A+' Credit Card Core System Launched, Marking China's First Core Switch
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At 5 a.m. on October 31, Ping An Bank’s new ‘A+’ credit card core system was officially launched, replacing its legacy core. This marked the first successful switch of the industry’s first mainframe based centralized architecture to a server based distributed architecture credit card core system, opening up China’s new chapter in the independent and controllable bank credit card core system.

Sunline has assisted Ping An Bank in successfully launching the bank’s Tenglong core system (‘D+’ system). Ping An Bank is the first domestic joint-stock bank to successfully adopt Internet architecture and technology, independently designed and developed the bank’s core business system in 2016. With Sunline as an important partner, the company also participated actively in the construction of the bank’s new ‘A+’ credit card core system throughout the entire process, helping Ping An Bank build the industry’s first new core to realize ‘uninterrupted transactions and unaffected customers’.

The new ‘A+’ credit card core system fully applies the advanced design and functions of Sunline in the credit card authorization center, quota center and card issuance fields that realizes the industry-leading indicators in the credit card system field.

·   The first credit card core application architecture that completely decouples transactions and accounting.

·   The first open financial cloud platform with full multi-tenant operation mode.

·   The first unitized, distributed technology platform that can support billion-level daily transaction volume processing and transaction accounts.

·   Supports data-driven transaction processing capabilities and regular flexible pricing configuration.

·   Strong tool supports makes the new core system of ‘A+’ more efficient and safer service capabilities.

Sunline helps set the world's shortest time and non-inductive ‘A+’ core switching record

In December 2018, Ping An Bank and Sunline officially commenced the new ‘A+’ credit card core system project, opening the prelude to ‘decomputerization’. After more than 700 days and nights of fierce battle of rigorous demonstrated technology selection, more than two years of intensive development and multiple rounds of full-process production drills, the bank was ushered into the most exciting moment of system launch on October 31, 2020.


The replacement of Ping An Bank's legacy credit card system adopted the industry's first uninterrupted switching mode-innovative financial gateway coup d'état. During the upgrade and replacement process, the entire transaction is uninterrupted and core businesses i.e. consumption, cash withdrawal and repayment are all in stable operation. A battle based on the centralized transfer of mainframes to distributed systems is the perfect ending under the premise. This process only took about 5 hours, setting a record for the shortest time taken for switching of the global credit card core system.

The second day of the new ‘A+’ credit card core switch, the bank was ushered into the Double-11 wave. The system worked well and all indicators exceeded expectations. The new ‘A+’ credit card core has won its first battle!

Sunline empowers the super performance of the new ‘A+’ credit card core system with advanced technology

The new ‘A+’ credit card core system adopts distributed unitization technology to build a highly open and scalable flexible architecture, which greatly improve IT's response agility to business. The new architecture enables the system to expand flexibly, realizes high availability and security as well as supporting Agile delivery and innovation. Ultimately, the system greatly reduces costs, enabling Ping An Bank to have the technological capabilities of a leading digital company.

The new ‘A+’ credit card core system has also created three core business capabilities: a ‘data-driven’ transaction concept, a ‘tree structure’ quota system and a ‘transaction-level account’ accounting system which can fully satisfy the Agile development of Ping An Bank’s credit card business, demanding flexible innovation and stable operation. Sunline has helped Ping An Bank achieve an all-round autonomous control of the entire credit card system, providing an important reference path for the entire banking industry to shift from a mainframe centralized architecture to a server based distributed architecture.

From Ping An Bank’s Tenglong core system to the new ‘A+’ credit card core system, Sunline has been accelerating the transformation of Ping An Bank’s retail business and financial digitalization with its leading technology products and professional services.

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