Sunline Pioneers The Era of Transaction-level General Ledger and is Leading the Market
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The transaction-level general ledger has created a new model for bank IT system and Sunline is the undeniable pioneer of this model.

Prior to 2015, banks generally adopted accounting models based on bundled transactions. However, as banks’ businesses expanded, numerous issues resulted from account processing have ultimately affected customer service quality. Hence, the separation of transactions and accounting have become the consensus in the industry and banks have started to implement the structure of transaction and accounting subsystems.

In 2016, under the urgency of major expansion on the financial industry, a temporary measure to separate prices and taxes in accounting were implemented. However, due to the numerous issues along the way, the industry quickly realized this accounting method cannot cope with large-scale accounting changes.

Sunline creates a new model of transaction-level general ledger

In the case where a system architecture has obviously hindered the development of the business, any form of repair measures is a waste of money – the only resolve is to target the underlying issue!

Based on the company’s deep understanding on banks’ businesses and their IT architecture, Sunline has developed a new generation transaction-level general ledger model, created exclusively to achieve a complete separation of transactions and accounting. This has become banks’ preferred model for the construction of new generation IT systems.

The transaction-level general ledger supports multiple ways to integrate with the transaction system. At the same time, the ledger can be flexibly configured and can be easily adapted to business expansion, systematically handling detailed accounting of various bank’s businesses.

Sunline’s transaction-level general ledger is developed to fit the needs of banking customers. It not only realizes the integration of customer accounts and accounting books, but also solved common problems such as inaccurate accounting, insufficient granularity and missing dimensional information. A multi-criteria and multi-dimensional detailed ledger system provide a good data foundation for bank performance evaluation, business decision analysis and information disclosure.

Data Speaks Volume

Sunline's transaction-level general ledger accounts for 80% of the market share

The market development has accelerated significantly in recent years and more banks have begun to adopt transaction-level general ledger systems. According to statistics, more than 50 banks across China have restructured their IT systems based on transaction-level general ledger accounts since 2015, of which Sunline has dominated more than 80% of the market share. At present, Sunline has provided transaction-level general ledger solutions to more than 40 bank customers including China Agricultural Development Bank, Guangfa Bank, Ping An Bank, and Heng Feng Bank.

Ever since Sunline launched their transaction-level general ledger in 2015, the organization has landed more than 10 general ledger projects annually.

In the recent 2019 annual closing, Sunline has supported dozens of banks to complete their annual closing quickly and smoothly. With their mature products and solutions, rich experience in banks’ core business systems as well as comprehensive implementation methodologies, Sunline has continuously display outstanding implementation and delivery capabilities. Sunline’s transaction-level general ledger has achieved satisfactory operation results for customers. 

Outstanding Results

Sunline builds one benchmark project after another

As the pioneer of the transaction-level general ledger model, Sunline has always maintained high investment in the research and development of the product. The continuous technology and innovation have helped bank in their digital transformation journey. Sunline is far ahead in the industry and has built multiple benchmark projects:

Extreme processing performance – Guangfa Bank
In order to greatly improve the bank’s transaction processing performance for joint-stock banks such as Guangfa Bank, a distributed architecture was introduced and implemented. The high processing performance of this ledger system that supports billion-level transactions per hour is definitely an industry leader.

Tax separation in VAT reform – Zhengzhou Bank
In 2016, Zhengzhou Bank's transaction-level general ledger project implemented by Sunline has started operation. This is the first case of tax separation in VAT reform in the transaction-level general ledger and has prevented disturbance of the IT architecture by plug-ins. This is a great reference for the industry.

Powerful product innovation – Hubei Bank
The powerful processing abilities of Hubei Bank's transaction-level general ledger project implemented by Sunline has greatly enhanced the bank's product innovation capabilities. Design and release of a new business product has been reduced from months to only 2 weeks, greatly reducing the product innovation cycle.

Bank-wide accounting processing platform – Jiujiang Bank

The transaction-level general ledger project of Jiujiang Bank has allowed the bank to unify accounting and processing functions for more than a dozen bank businesses. This not only reduces work pressure, but also reduces the error rate. Changes in tax and accounting standards can be processed effectively. Sunline's transaction-level general ledger has become the bank's entire business and accounting business processing platform.

Providing the most suitable solutions and maximizing value creation for customers will always be Sunline’s core values in completing each project.

Sunline Provides an End-to-end Solution for the Financial Industry

As a global fintech solutions provider, Sunline has been focusing on the financial industry since its establishment. Over the years, the organization has also been gaining experiences and knowledge via implementations of banking projects. Their rich experience in banks’ businesses and IT architecture has laid a solid foundation for the development of their new generation transaction-level general ledger.

Sunline places great importance to the comprehensiveness and integrity of their solutions and always strives to create the most comprehensive solutions for the industry. Sunline offers comprehensive solutions for financial business, providing one-stop services for global financial institutions.
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