Sunline Strikes a Dual-Core Banking Project with Bank Sinarmas Indonesia
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Ever since venturing out of China two years ago, Sunline’s continuous effort and commitment in elevating the financial industry in the overseas market have recently landed the company their first project in Indonesia. The collaboration with Bank Sinarmas, owned by one of Indonesia's largest conglomerates, Sinar Mas Group, will be a boost to Sunline’s presence in Indonesia. Moreover, Bank Sinarmas has been a main influencer in the banking industry, with more than a dozen banks in Indonesia jumped on the bandwagon back when Bank Sinarmas first deployed their core system. 


Located in Indonesia, the world's largest island country with more than seventeen thousand islands, Bank Sinarmas has been constantly slapped with geographical restrictions. The inability of its current core system to support rapid changes in the inevitable era of digitization further demands core modernization. 

Proposing a parallel running dual-core system, Sunline aims to disentangle Bank Sinarmas’ pain points while maintaining the stable operations of their branch businesses. Sunline’s self-developed Digital Core Banking System can run concurrently with Bank Sinarmas’ existing core system, providing high concurrency support, massive data processing, rapid access to big data analysis as well as mobile technology to improve customer acquisition. 

The customer-oriented system with powerful product factory speeds up rollout of banking products, improves the future adaptation of banking services and enhances the bank’s ability to provide personalized services for customers. Sunline’s Digital Core Banking System will also allow the bank to create a beneficial business ecosystem with relevant business units of the Sinar Mas Group like telecommunications and insurance, to come out with innovative and personalized rewards packages for their customers.

Even if the overseas market is still a ‘blue ocean’, Sunline is confident that their digital banking solution will help reinvigorate the financial industry. The collaboration with Bank Sinarmas, a key influencer in the banking industry will be a major steppingstone for Sunline’s presence and business development in Indonesia.
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