Leading the Wave of Financial Digitization Transformation: Sunline Honored with the 'FDIS Awards 2024'
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The list of the 6th Annual 'Financial Data Intelligence Solution Awards' hosted by  'Fintech Innovation in China' was officially announced. In the highly anticipated 'Top 10 Outstanding Solutions Recommended by Experts' selection, Sunline's 'Distributed Banking Core System Solution' stood out and was honored after scoring by authoritative industry experts!

Sunline has specialized in the field of fintech for 22 years, achieving numerous industry firsts through continuous research, development, and innovation. It has maintained its leading position in the market share of banking core systems for consecutive years. Sunline has undertaken construction projects in the core system area for nearly a hundred financial institutions, including state-owned banks, joint-stock banks, urban commercial banks, and rural commercial banks, setting multiple industry benchmarks for the digital transformation of banking institutions.


It's worth mentioning that the 'Financial Data Intelligence Solution Awards' event has been held for five consecutive sessions. As a global leader in fintech, Sunline has secured its position on this list for five consecutive years, thanks to its continuous innovation and outstanding solutions, accumulating numerous awards in the process. 


The consecutive awards fully demonstrate the industry's repeated recognition of Sunline's innovative strength, serving as a clear testament to its leadership in driving the wave of financial industry digitization transformation.


Looking ahead, Sunline will continue to deepen its expertise in the field of fintech, developing cutting-edge products and solutions to provide powerful momentum for the digital transformation and secure development of the financial industry.


About FDIS Awards


To showcase the achievements in data management and the intelligent transformation of data platforms in financial enterprises, share practical applications of big data and artificial intelligence in risk control, marketing, products, and operations, and explore the innovative applications and future development of "Fintech + Data Intelligence," Fintech Innovation in China, with the support of the Global Association of Financial Professionals, hosted the Financial Data Intelligence Solution Awards.


About Sunline


Sunline, founded in 2002 and headquartered in Shenzhen, is a leading global fintech solutions provider. The company specializes in offering comprehensive financial IT solutions for financial institutions, including core banking, internet finance, big data, and management services. Sunline's independently developed new distributed core banking system is the first of its kind in China's banking industry. The system utilizes a distributed technical architecture and a microservices design philosophy, providing efficient support for banks in product design, operation models, scenario integration, data provision, and open connectivity.

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