Sunline has been awarded the titles of "Excellent Software Product" and "Benchmark Case."
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Sunline has been awarded the titles of "Excellent Software Product" and "Benchmark Case."


Recently, through the selection process by the Expert Committee of the Shenzhen Software Industry Association, Sunline's independently developed "Sunline LTTS Banking Core Business System Software" was named an excellent product recommended by the Shenzhen software industry for 2023. Moreover, the case of "China Postal Savings Bank Distributed Core Business System" was recognized as a benchmark case.

This activity is in accordance with the spirit of documents such as the "National 14th Five-Year Plan" and "Shenzhen's Measures to Promote High-Quality Development of the Software Industry." Through a series of processes including enterprise applications, data review, and expert evaluation, a selection of excellent software products and benchmark cases in Shenzhen is being promoted. The aim is to build a repository of famous software brands in Shenzhen, enhance the brand clustering effect of the software industry, and drive the high-quality development of Shenzhen's software industry.


Hardcore technology combined with high-quality delivery shapes industry leaders


Hardcore Technology


Sunline LTTS Banking Core Business System Software utilizes industry-leading proprietary technology to construct a brand-new "microservices + modularization" architecture. It supports flexible service-level composition and deployment, as well as unlimited dynamic scalability of modular units, meeting the explosive growth needs of banks' future business development. With its capabilities in development, business, and technical agility, it enables rapid innovation of financial products and helps transition the transaction-driven accounting system to a customer-centric service model. Ultimately, it allows the core business system to truly become a source that actively empowers banks in digital transformation and innovation.


High Performance: Based on the Huawei ecosystem and relying on the diverse computing power of ARM + x86, continuously injects vitality into Sunline's distributed core system;

High Scalability: Microservices distributed framework technology allows for elastic and dynamic scaling of service nodes, meeting the processing requirements of massive business pulse;

Low Cost: Containerized deployment solutions greatly improve the deployment efficiency of core application software, reducing overall operational costs;

High Availability: Utilizing Huawei's operations management platform, combined with DevOps functions, creates a unified research and development, testing process, making application construction more flexible, fully automated, and more secure and reliable;

Security: Creating a new ecosystem of chips, hardware servers, and operating systems fully realizes security and control, ensuring the safe and stable operation of data in China's financial industry.


High Quality Delivery


Building on years of innovative practice in the core system domain, Sunline has been deeply involved in the construction of China Postal Savings Bank's new core technology platform. The platform features an advanced modular microservices architecture design, with microservices providing elastic scalability and standard deployment of modular architecture units enabling horizontal scaling for an infinitely scalable structure. Boasting high availability, reliability, performance, and strong consistency, it fully supports the bank's vast transaction and data needs, effectively backing the bank's "five transformations" business demands and significantly aiding in the rollout of Postal Savings Bank's retail strategy.


Amassing the strength of software and reinforcing the groundwork of digitalization, Sunline will persist in propelling business model revolution through technology, offering a valid route for the digital transformation of additional financial establishments in the epoch of the digital economy.

About Sunline


Established since year 2002, Sunline is the leading banking software and technology services company in China. Public listed in year 2012, Sunline has more than 6000 employees worldwide serving beyond 800 banking and finance customers. As the global financial technology leader, Sunline is continuously reinventing our solutions by integrating latest technology trends with industry best practices to provide comprehensive and secure financial solutions.

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