Learning from The Chef – Plating the Exquisite Financial Intelligence and Risk Control Dish
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The importance of risk control management is as depicted by the 2018 China Smart Risk Control Research Report by Equal Ocean, as the “core of financial activities".

As the development of China’s financial industry is showing strong credit-driven attributes, the current risk control links between traditional financial institutions and digital consumer finance companies are still facing widespread problems such as information asymmetry, high costs, poor timeliness and low efficiency. The legacy risk control measures are unable to meet the credit growth triggered by strong personal consumption and the spike in user's loan demand.

With the continuous improvement of the digitalization of the financial industry, its natural "digital attributes" and the development of big data technology have provided an excellent foundation for the intelligent transformation of finance. The intelligent risk control platform empowered by big data has gradually become the preferred choice for risk management.

How to realize smart risk control?

If you compare the process of financial risk control management to creating an exquisite a dish, then there must be a professional chef to control the entire process from raw material procurement, processing to dish output.

In this case, Smart Risk Control Middleware is the chef. Let's see how he makes this dish with delicious flavors and flavors:

The chef will first collect internal data, external data, structured/unstructured and other risk control data through the big data platform to aggregate and manage all kinds of raw materials for cooking. Then add flavors such as risk indicators, label analysis, risk model strategies (anti-fraud strategies, access strategies, scoring strategies and post-loan early warning strategies) to process these data and raw materials, accurately control the heat and use pre-loan approval and loan risk control in the whole process such as monitoring and post-loan collection.

The smart operation finally realizes the closed loop of risk management of anti-fraud identification, admission judgment, comprehensive scoring, post-loan early warning and collection for customers in the entire credit process and provides customers with intelligent risk control dishes that best suit their tastes.

What unique skills does the "chef" of Sunline have?

Sunline Intelligent Risk Control Center is an experienced chef who has served customers such as Postal Savings Bank, Dalian Bank, Jiujiang Bank, Chongqing Rural Commercial Bank, Chongqing Bank and Yunnan Hongta Bank, among which Dalian Bank’s Intelligent Risk Control won the 2020 China Financial Technology Innovation Competition Gold Award. At the same time, Intelligent Risk Control Center have also won numerous awards including Top 10 Excellent Solution Recommended by Financial Data Intelligence Experts, Excellent Solution for Financial Data Intelligent Risk Control Innovation and Top 10 Excellent Solution for Financial Data Intelligent Network Influence in 2020 among other honors:

1. Data ability - Configuring raw materials

In addition to enhancing data collection capabilities and data storage integration capabilities, Sunline Intelligent Risk Control Center focuses on training data computing capabilities, comprehensively optimizing and upgrading long-term, high-latitude data processing capabilities so as to quickly output high-quality data raw materials to meet judgment and decision-making need.

2. Technical ability - Cooking the perfect dish

Sunline Intelligent Risk Control Center uses artificial intelligence technology, innovates computing capabilities, supports complex algorithms, stream computing, response time, high concurrency, etc., and realizes the core tool products innovative upgrade of the risk control decision-making engine.

3. Business ability – Plating the innovative dishes

In addition to supporting business scenarios for closed-loop risk control of the entire credit process, Sunline intelligent risk control center also supports customer-defined early warning scenario settings, custom model scenario settings, multi-dimensional analysis, single-dimensional attribution analysis and other functions to effectively meet the multiple needs of users in different industries and at different levels.

Sunline Intelligent Risk Control Center empowers financial risk control with its innovation and professionalism. With the empowerment of this “chef”, the restricted management, cost, income and profitability of the credit business development of financial institutions will be solved. Risks and other issues can be quickly controlled or resolved and the risk management of the entire life cycle of credit is truly realized.

The intelligent risk control center will not only help financial companies make correct business decisions, but also protect the safety and integrity of assets, ultimately achieving business goals and further promote the intelligent transformation and development of financial companies in the Internet era.

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