Take a Look at the Development in Innovation and Business Growth of Sunline's Core System
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If there is one word to summarize the development of Sunline's core system in 2020, 'stable' is most apt. Even under the epidemic situation, Sunline continued to lead innovation in the field of core systems, pioneering the 'microservices + unitized' core system in 2020 and performed steadily in terms of market growth.

In 2020, the epidemic and the country's call for financial innovation have further promoted technological transformation for the financial industry. Since then, microservices and distributed architecture have been widely developed and applied. Service providers have always followed closely the trends in financial expectations in their home country and abroad to focus on technological innovations and lead the development of the industry.

Sunline continues leading the innovation of 'microservices + unitized' core system

Under the harsh environment during the epidemic, Sunline's core business is as stable as the mountain with continuous technological innovation as the key.

Based on the rich knowledge and deep understanding on the core businesses of banks, Sunline has found a way to innovate the core system in an all-round manner via the trifecta: platform ecosystem, application architecture and business model, pioneering the development of a diversified core system based on 'microservices + unitization' and helping financial institutions achieve flexibility at the level of technical services via infinite dynamic expansion, rapid innovation of business products, restructuring of financial business processes and promotion of transaction-driven accounting transformation to a customer-centric product management service model to meet the rapid development of the bank’s future business needs.

Innovation is embedded into the gene of Sunline's bones. From the launch of the industry's first Java based core system in 2013, the first distributed core system in 2014 and the first digital core system in 2015, Sunline has always insisted that innovation is force towards sustainability and growth.

Sunline's 'microservices + unitized' core system launched in 2020 is once again an outstanding innovation with infinite scalability, multi-center deployment architecture, fault isolation and many other advantages that contributes to what the core systems can offer today, bearing the responsibility of China being a mature and developed country in terms of digital innovations.

Maintain a high winning rate for heavyweight projects and maintain a stable market 

Years of continuous technological innovation have maintained the steady growth and expansion of Sunline's core business in the market. In 2020, Sunline won the bid for a number of core system projects for heavyweight banks such as Bank of China, Postal Savings Bank (PSBC), Bank of Communications, Beijing Rural Commercial etc. In the market of direct banking, Sunline won core system projects for PSBC's Youhui Wanjia Bank as well as China Merchant and JD.com's Zhaoshang Tapu Bank, helping these direct banks improve their online direct selling capabilities with Sunline’s pioneering enterprise-level microservices and distributed architecture digital core.

While maintaining a high winning rate in the market, Sunline also ensure every customer is served with excellence. There are several industry benchmark projects in 2020:

● The first 'microservices + unitized' diversified core system has been put into production in Bank of Dongguan and Liaoning Zhenxing Bank. Equipped with Agile development, the system fully meets the requirements of both banks with high availability, efficiency and scalability that seamlessly support rich control and management capabilities in terms of operation and maintenance.

● An important milestone for the provincial rural credit market with the creation of a new generation core system for Liaoning Rural Credit  that replaces the institution's legacy core, future proofing Liaoning Rural Credit for the digital era with an independent and flexible multi-centre core business system that fully integrates the resources of the entire institution.

● Setting the record for the shortest time taken for the switching of a credit card core system in Ping An Bank's new 'A+' credit card core project.

The existence of technology is to empower businesses. In this sense, Sunline's advanced technologies have been supporting the business development of our customers since our inception almost two decades ago. Customers' loyalty and recognition are the best motivation to Sunline's continuous innovation.

Widely recognized by the industry with multiple substantial awards for excellence

Holding dear to our vision and mission, Sunline has been developing steadily for almost two decades. We have been focusing on the technological innovation for the financial industry, achieved our advantages step by step with our accumulated knowledge and experience, gaining industry recognition for our strength.

In 2020, Sunline's was not only listed on the nation's heavyweight awards like IDC China Top Fintech 50, CB Insights China's Top 50 Fintech, Forbes China 50 Most Innovative Companies but also global awards like Most Innovative Fintech Company in Global Brands Award. Sunline's new generation 'microservices + unitized' distributed core system with strong scalability and adaptability towards multiple technology platforms has also won us the Silver Award at 2020 Huawei Developer Contest and the first Dingxin Cup for the 'Most Innovative and Outstanding Solutions for IT Application'.

Being the first Chinese Fintech brand to venture overseas, Sunline has also steadily grown its overseas business in 2020, winning significant core projects for banks and institutions in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore and Hong Kong. Sunline has brought the advanced digital technologies and rich experience in financial digitalization from China to the global market, refreshing the global financial industry with digital transformation.

Sunline will continue to uphold the belief that 'only by insisting on innovation can we maintain a stable growth and continue to fly upwind' and Sunline will proudly hold the responsibility to bring China's financial technology to the world stage.

Although the results of 2020 were only summarized in a thousand words, the effort and sweat behind the results were immeasurable. The driving force towards Sunline's continuous innovation comes from each and everyone in the company. Along the way of every breakthrough in technological innovation and every successful project, there is always perseverance. The people of Sunline always have the fire to fight and the love to create wonderful things to illuminate the future.

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