Sunline Swooped Data Migration Projects For Two Large Commercial Banks in China
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Sunline swooped both bids for the data migration projects of China Merchants Bank and China Everbright Bank with their advanced and comprehensive data platform migration program.

In recent years, financial information security has become a national development strategy with financial institutions promoting safe and controllable implementation of information technology. Although databases have long been occupied by foreign giants, the rapid development of the domestic mobile Internet in recent years has created a unique global scenario for the application of many new domestic databases. The progress of domestic databases has been remarkable and various banking institutions have adopted domestic databases, replacing their foreign legacy databases as part of their digital transformation journey.

The replacement of the underlying database platform will bring about massive data relocation as well as huge data processing migration and transformation. Data warehouses and data marts are the core data integration, summary processing and storage platforms for enterprises, playing an indispensable role in business analysis, decision support and operation support. Therefore, in the process of bank database localization, the migration of data and its processing procedures as well as model reconstruction and optimization are the top priorities.

In order to help banks accelerate the realization of domestic database substitution, Sunline relies on years of accumulated technical experience in the financial big data field with more than seventy data warehouses implementation to extract a complete and comprehensive data platform migration program. The data implementation program includes data migration, data processing program migration as well as model reconstruction and optimization of model reconstruction are the three major focus to realize the overall migration and optimization of data warehouses and data marts.

In terms of data migration, enterprise-level data warehouse usually involves hundreds of terabytes or even petabytes of data and these data are stored in tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands different tables. The huge amount of data is related to the time-consuming and slow performance of data migration while the number of data tables and the loading strategy of different tables determine the complexity of the data migration task. Data migration will need to consider factors such as data volume, batch window, storage space, etc. Technically, different processing methods need to be designed to deal with different amount of data.

In terms of data processing program migration, the number of data processing programs basically corresponds to the number of tables i.e. the more tables there are, the greater the workload of the program. The migration of ETL program will need to consider the performance on the new platform to ensure that there is no degradation.

Model reconstruction and optimization is one according to the characteristics of the new domestic database, taking into consideration the original model architecture and design defects, reasonable re-planning to maximize the technical characteristics of the domestic database as well as repair the shortcomings of the original model planning and design. Ultimately, it will appropriately optimize the data process links, strengthen unified data processing and reduce unnecessary data redundancy.

Sunline Data Platform Migration Plan realizes comprehensive coverage from data migration strategy to data migration steps, data migration verification and data migration transition, solving issues like:

·   Data migration time window by ensuring the transmission rate.

·   Data changes during the migration through a batch migration strategy.

·   Heavy workload of ETL program transplantation through the standardization and generalization of transplantation procedures and automatic metadata matching strategy.

·   Mutual influence between tables during the migration process through the concurrent migration task and single table intervention strateg

·   Data migration verification through data range comparison report.

·   Transition of data migration by setting the parallel strategy of the original platform and the new platform.

Under the general trend of financial information security and control, Sunline makes full use of its leading financial technology advantages with advanced technical solutions and rich data migration experience to help banks complete their data migration smoothly and safely, thereby accelerating the promotion of China’s banking industry domestic database replacement process.

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