Take a Look at Sunline's New Generation Bank-Enterprise Direct Connection System
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Bank-enterprise direct connection is an electronic banking product provided by banks to high-end enterprise customers. It is a new online direct connection method of enterprise ERP, capital system and banking system. Enterprises can directly complete the management and scheduling of bank accounts and funds through their own internal systems as well as perform various business operations like account management, information inquiry and transfer payments. At the same time, the bank-enterprise direct connection can provide support for enterprises to develop and customize personalized functions in the capital system. It has the distinctive features of information synchronization, high efficiency, simplicity, personalized service, safety and reliability.

Bank-enterprise direct connection is actually the intermediary that links the banking system (core system, cash management system, etc. with the corporate capital system. The scheduler and manager of these bank interfaces responsible for receiving instructions from the corporate capital system and forwarding them to the corresponding bank, returning the bank’s feedback information to the corporate capital system immediately and corporate capital system can be accessed through the system and easily connected to all cooperative banks.

Bank-enterprise direct connection system is like a highway on which corporate funds operate. One end is connected to various business systems on the enterprise side while the other is connected to various external banking systems. If there is a problem, the system will be seriously ‘congested’ and cause a chain reaction with serious consequences.

Regardless of how small the system is, there are many functions. The system is in charge of the system management module, interface platform module, business management module, comprehensive query module, system configuration module, monitoring operation and maintenance module.

●   Interface platform module provides access services for external systems, including instruction reception, message verification, security check, forwarding scheduling and other functions. With the continuous expansion of bank service interfaces, the interface platform will also be continuously upgraded.
●   Business management module processes operations such as collection, payment retransmission and interface query initiated by each business module and the business processing platform also supports manual and regular operations on business functions such as fund collection, external payment and account management.
●   Comprehensive query module provides users with various dimensions of account and transaction query services to ensure that every instruction and every detail can be tracked.
●   System configuration module contains the technical configuration details of the connected bank, mainly the message type, communication time, message identification, etc. It also contains the business configuration content of each connected bank, account and certificate (enterprise code), such as bank name, account bank, company code (bank allocation), etc.
●   Monitoring operation and maintenance module provides a full range of monitoring and management for the normal operation of the system, early detection and early treatment of system abnormalities as well as ensuring the stable operation of the system around the clock.

Some may say others have similar functions but it is not true.

Sunline Bank-enterprise Direct Connection System is an asynchronous message engine on the basis of the first generation, so the performance, throughput and payment efficiency have been greatly improved with processing of millions of payment instructions every day is no longer a problem. Based on the micro-service distributed architecture, each bank interface is deployed independently and does not affect each other.

Sunline Bank-enterprise Direct Connection System’s strong abilities benefit from its good design philosophy, reasonable internal structure and stable and mature technology platform. All of its functions are implemented using JAVA and JAVA-related technologies. The front-end and back-end separation architecture is adopted. The data interaction core can operate independently and expand flexibly and the core uses routing and messaging based on EIP (Enterprise Integration Pattern). The intermediary engine will even expand into a lightweight platform for enterprise system integration and data exchange in the future.

Sunline’s ability has long been tested by the market and have connected with many mainstream domestic banks.

Up to now, Sunline Bank-enterprise Direct Connection System has served more than 30 large enterprise group including China Electric Finance, China Merchants Group, China Unicom, AVIC Finance, CITIC Finance, Hisense Group Finance, Sinochem Group, Inner Mongolia Electric Power Group, Yutong Bus, TCL Group Finance, Zhejiang Transportation Group, Pudong Development and others.

Under the product philosophy of Sunline for excellence, Sunline will redouble its efforts to innovate and optimize in the future to become more powerful and provide quality services to more customers. Looking forward to the next transformation of the system!

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