The Story Behind Huishang Bank's Business Intelligence Analysis Cloud Platform Project
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No matter how difficult it is, we will brave it through. In our eyes, there is no mountain that we cannot climb and no road further than our feet can take us! This is Min Gong's understanding of Sunline’s Spirit.

(Min Gong, the project manager for Huishang Bank’s Business Intelligence Analysis Cloud Platform Project)

On June 4, 2020, the project team implementing Huishang Bank’s Bank’s Business Intelligence Analysis Cloud Platform Project suddenly received a new demand for ‘real-time online loan data visualization’. Facing with the issue of tight deadline, customer requested that the development work be completed within a week.

At that time, Min Gong as the project manager felt great pressure. “The demand involves a number of complex technologies, such as OGG, Kafka, Stream, etc. Although our project team has very rich experience in the application of these technologies, integrating and achieving the complex business requirements in a short period of time is still a huge challenge."

Not sticking to conventions and courageous to innovate are the genes of Sunline. This project adopts a brand-new realization method for when time is tight and tasks are heavy to meet customer. Min Gong quickly convened a meeting with project members to discuss the feasibility plan for the implementation of the demand. The project team originally planned to realize real-time calculation of real-time indicators through StreamJob, but because the stream micro-batch server has not been deployed, it can only be realized by Smartbi front-end page instead. After multiple rounds of evaluation and analysis, Mr. Zhang suggested using OGG, Kafka, Stream, Inceptor, Smartbi and other components as well as technologies.

When the general direction has been set, the next step is how to gnaw off the hard bone. 

Although all parties have coordinated resources to support this project, Min Gong understands the development of the entire project will ultimately rely on them to overcome key difficulties. 

"At that time, it was a spiraling process. Everyone used most of their energy to think over and over again. When we encountered problems and were puzzled, we continued to try consulting experts. When we had made breakthroughs, we were often very happy”. 

When Min Gong described this unforgettable experience, he used one word – ‘Never give up’. 

In order to keep up with the progress of the project, project team members worked overtime past 10 o’clock every night. Min Gong’s home is far away from work and due to the impact of the epidemic, he could not take the bus. He could only spend four hours riding a battery bike back and forth. 

Physical exhaustion and mental exhaustion are second to the distress he felt most when he received calls from his child every time he works overtime, yelling to him "Dad, when are you are coming home soon? I miss you."

Often at this time, his tears will flow uncontrollably as his emotions burst. 

The double pressure mentally and physically did not crush Min Gong. The fighting spirit and determination of the project team to deliver the tasks on time makes everyone devoted to the intense project development.

(Working silhouettes of project team members)

Every difficulty was being overcome one after another and everyone was pleased that their efforts have not been disappointed.

 After a month or so of hard work, Huishang Bank's Business Intelligence Analysis Cloud Platform project team overcame various difficulties and finally realized the demand for ‘real-time online loan data display’ and put it into production on July 9. This project helped Huishang Bank realize the visual display of real-time big data for the first time and was named ‘Sky Eye Real-time Platform’ by relevant leaders, which is of great significance. Huishang Bank also spoke highly of the project team’s spirit in overcoming difficulties and never giving up.

 After this challenge, Min Gong has a deeper understanding of Sunline’s. We are not afraid of challenges in doing things and in the face of difficulties, we can stimulate our creativity. This spirit is the most precious wealth of each of us in Sunline.

 Although the result is important but we should remember the process, the sweat and sleepless night of Sunline’s team.

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