Sunline Helped Chongqing Rural Commercial Bank and Shenzhen Rural Commercial Bank Improve Business Quality and Efficiency
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Recently, Sunline has successively won the bids for the performance appraisal projects of Chongqing Rural Commercial Bank and Shenzhen Rural Commercial Bank, playing a major role in creating performance appraisal platforms for the two major banks to achieve three-dimensional appraisal, process automation and management visualization, innovating bank performance management models.

With changes in the overall environment of the financial business, operations and management in recent years, bank performance appraisal platforms have directly affected the business innovation, performance growth, employee effectiveness and customer satisfaction of the bank hence have become an important starting point for banks to improve quality and efficiency.

As the largest rural commercial bank in the country, Chongqing Rural Commercial Bank has developed rapidly since its listing. The bank’s asset scale has exceeded 1,000 billion this year and with the development of its business, the bank’s refined performance management has also faced new challenges like higher level of refinement of performance data and the bank’s current performance system can no longer respond to demand quickly. Traditional performance management methods cannot meet the requirements of high-quality and efficient management and the demand for differentiated assessment has become stronger.
As a local bank in Shenzhen, Shenzhen Rural Commercial Bank has always adhered to the strategy of ‘prospering the bank with science and technology’ and promoted ‘service and management upgrade’ through technology. In recent years, Shenzhen Rural Commercial Bank's in-depth promotion of the dual-characteristic development strategy of ‘retail + technology’ has gradually encountered problems such as extensive assessment of existing the bank’s business lines, insufficient employee performance and insufficient breakdown of assessment products.

Improving the management level with technology and empowering business with an efficient performance appraisal platform has become the common focuses of the two major banks.

Tailor-made Sunline Performance Appraisal Platform Empowers Business Development of Two Rural Commercial Banks

In the process of bidding for both performance appraisal platform projects of Chongqing Rural Commercial Bank and Shenzhen Rural Commercial Bank, Sunline stood out by virtue of its comprehensive advantages in technical capabilities, service capabilities and case experience, winning two major bids in one swoop.

The performance appraisal platform created by Sunline for Chongqing Rural Commercial Bank adopts the latest performance management methods, covering the performance management of the head office departments and employees, branches, branch institutions as well as key positions within the full jurisdiction of the bank, fully satisfying the bank’s requirement for a refined and differentiated assessment to steadily promote the high-quality development of the bank's business.
In response to the development needs of Shenzhen Rural Commercial Bank’s retail business, Sunline has built a performance appraisal platform for the bank to cover management needs of institutions, personnel, lines, products, etc. as well as enabling targeted solutions to problems encountered in the new development of the bank’s retail business. The assessment problems encountered have stimulated the business potential of institutions and personnel at all levels of the bank hence promoting the business development of the whole bank.

Based on value management, Sunline's performance appraisal platform fully guarantees implementation excellence

Sunline has served various major customers such as Ping An Bank, Hengfeng Bank, Bank of Chongqing, Bank of Zhengzhou, Jiangxi Rural Credit, Guangzhou Rural Commercial Bank and Jiangnan Rural Commercial Bank in the field of performance management. After years of experience and exploration in serving the banking industry, Sunline is based on opening up various management systems for banks to achieve overall value. From the comprehensive perspective of comprehensive value management, Sunline has designed a performance appraisal platform with to achieve three-dimensional appraisal, process automation and management visualization, which can give full play to performance appraisal, optimizing bank resource allocation and promote healthy business development.

In terms of business structure, the performance appraisal platform is deeply compatible with the bank's overall operation and value management. Based on in-depth integration of bank assets, liabilities, budgets as well as other business processes and management needs,  the platform seamlessly integrates with the bank’s strategy, resources, business and actions to form a complete management system, helping the bank achieve refined performance for all employees such as institutions, departments, tellers and account managers as well as achieving strategic implementation and performance improvement across the bank.

In terms of product architecture, it helps banks to achieve differentiated assessments of legal persons, branches, business outlets and personnel at all levels under the framework of a unified assessment system across the bank. Assessment indicators and plans can be flexibly configured at each level to implement performance management ideas.

Sunline's service capabilities in the entire business chain of banks are industry leading. Under the concept of comprehensive value management, the performance appraisal platform continuously drives bank business innovation and performance through in-depth integration of bank business processes and management needs. helping banks to comprehensively improve the efficiency of operations, supervision and management, improving business standards and operating efficiency as well as promoting banks development via digital transformation.

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