Sunline Shares Financial Applications of Kunpeng Ecosystem in Guangdong Kunpeng Ecological Partners Conference
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Guangdong Kunpeng Ecological Partners Conference with the theme ‘Kunpeng Spreading its Wings, Creating an Infinite Future’ was held in Guangzhou recently and Sunline was invited as an important partner to share achievements and financial applications of Kunpeng Ecosystem.

Guangdong Kunpeng Ecological Partners Conference brought together hundreds of industry elites from across the province to share their insights on the applications of Kunpeng's industrial Ecosystem and jointly seek the implementation of new economic and industrial forms, exploring new ways to contribute to development, ideas and paths.

As a leading financial technology solutions service provider, Sunline has become an important partner of Kunpeng’s ecosystem, by virtue of its leading advantages in technological innovation, secure and controllable application practices in the financial technology field. Sunline has launched multiple achievements such as core business solutions, financial fusion data lake, Internet financial solutions, etc. on Kunpeng Computing System.

At the conference, Ms. Xiong Lin, Vice President of Sunline shared the achievements and applications of Sunline on Kunpeng Ecosystem.

Kunpeng Computing Distributed Core Business Solution

The overall solution developed by Sunline is the new generation distributed core business system running on Huawei GaussDB and Kunpeng Server. The solution not only are highly available, scalable and has strong data consistency, it also allows features such as automated operation and maintenance, risk control, being able to fully replace foreign software and databases to ensure the security and control of information in China's financial industry.

Converged Data Lake Solution

The solution developed by Sunline that runs on Huawei’s software and hardware infrastructure composes of data convergence, gathering, managing, calculation and use, achieving complete integration from the underlying infrastructure to the data application architecture. The solution enables banks to effectively manage data assets from data collection, storage and calculation, meeting the needs of different scenarios and time-sensitive data services and ultimately help banks to fully realize the value of data assets.

Digital Finance Joint Solution

This solution combines the Sunline’s developed software running on Huawei Kunpeng series hardware. It not only supports distributed application and database deployment, micro-service development and deployment, the joint solution also supports rapid horizontal expansion that enables a standardized, highly available and high-performance integrated platform.

With digitalization and intelligence becoming the inevitable directions and the explosion of huge demand and market potential, Kunpeng's Computing Ecosystem integrates high-quality resources and drives the rapid development of China's digital intelligence industry.
Sunline as a leading financial technology company, will give full play to its strong technical innovation and application practice strengths in the financial technology field to closely unite the upstream and downstream partners of the Kunpeng Ecosystem, forming formidable forces to boost innovation and development, and ultimately promoting digital and intelligent advancements in the financial industry.

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