Why Is Sunline IBS Financial Control Platform So Outstanding?
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What is Sunline IBS Financial Control Platform?


A one-stop comprehensive business system that resolves financial management's issues on marketing management, mixed operation, diversified financial services and all-round supervisions. The system focuses on business operation, resource management and financial service capability output characteristics for financial control platforms. It not only enables the management of the entire operation of the financial unit but also realizing centralized customer management, perfect accounting system, flexible financial products and pricing model, unified accounting engine as well as a full range of supports for management requirements and business development innovation.


Sunline continuously empowers the capabilities of the financial industry

In the critical period of economic restructuring in China, traditional industries and the emerging industries urgently needed diversified financial services. Business innovation, comprehensive supervision and social financial services also showed a diversified trend. This is how financial model of multi-level capital market and the whole industry chain came into being, with financial platform becoming a major trend. In order to meet the diversification and expansion needs of financial institutions, the performance of financial control platform's own integrated business system becomes crucial. It needs to fully support the financial development and innovation needs of the financial control platform.


In order to meet the needs for continuous financial business development and innovation as well as to improve overall resources control and collaboration capabilities of a financial control platform, Sunline developed a hierarchical, customizable and highly reusable integrated business system used in various mainstream financial control platforms.


Sunline IBS Financial Control Platform empowers TCL Financials’ one-stop financial services

Integrating characteristics of TCL's one-stop financial services, Sunline Financial Control Platform for TCL provided a unified financial account management system with centralized financial product management and account processing as well as flexible pricing system. Comprehensive coverage of TCL’s product supply chain provides effective support for the development and innovation of various financial businesses of TCL Financial.


Sunline IBS Financial Control Platform fully meets the multi-level needs of Hisense Finance

Sunline has built a comprehensive integrated business system that focuses on the various core business, accounting, analysis and management needs for the financial control platform for Hisense Finance. Not only can it support a multi-organizational structure to meet the needs of the continuous expansion and development of system, it also supports the maintenance of new business varieties. Through flexible parameter configuration, the need to add on new businesses can be realized, enabling Hisense Finance to achieve financial services support, improving the efficiency of business processes and realizing paperless offices.


Sunline is very strict in developing high-quality innovative products and solutions

The comprehensive Sunline IBS Financial Control Platform focuses on focuses on business operation, resource management and financial service capability output characteristics for financial control platforms. The accounting system, flexible financial products and pricing models as well as a unified accounting and calculation engine fully support the management requirements and business development innovation of the financial control platform.


Advanced business framework: Sunline IBS Financial Control Platform can be divided into five platforms: business operations, financial core, unified settlement, risk control and technical support which will realize business management of the front, middle and back offices, transaction processing and risk management, enablement of responses for each sub-business at the front desk as well as centralized accounting of large-scale operations in the middle and back office that will significantly reduce the workload and pressure of staffs and improve business processing efficiency.


Advanced technologies: The system is built on distributed, microservices, cloud native and other technologically advanced architectures as well as open and loose coupling designs to achieve architecture-level security, stability, flexibility and efficiency. The system supports clustered and high reliability applications, enables workflow development platform to quickly customize business processes and standardize UI development as well as allow quick function customization with task-driven business process mode.


Advanced design concept: Based on the concept of ‘small core, large peripheral’, the system offers a customer-centric financial business model which supports a flexible accounting system, interest rate and rate marketization, meets the regulatory multi-dimensional reporting requirements and provides support for future differentiated customer marketing.


With the gradual reformation of China’s state-owned enterprises, innovation and expansion of financial services were further promoted. Business units continued to increase and the comprehensive financial business system presents obvious advantages in providing diversified and comprehensive services.


Sunline is as a leading financial solutions provider with not only has a deep understanding in the evolution of financial technologies, but also teams with rich project implementation experiences. With their duty to empower the development of the financial control platform as a driving force, Sunline continuously reinventing its solutions by integrating latest technology trends with industry best practices to provide comprehensive and secure financial solutions.

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