Fintech Live Webcast: Sunline Helps Banks Use Big Data to Efficiently Serve Small and Micro-sized Enterprises
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On April 2, Sunline was invited to speak in the third Fintech Live Webcast jointly organized by Financial Computerization Magazine (FCMAG) and Huawei as a member of Huawei's Financial Innovation Alliance.

Many small and micro-sized enterprises were greatly affected by the recent Covid-19 outbreak and are in urgent need of financial support. This webcast conversed how commercial banks can take the initiatives to response to national policies by making use of big data technology in identifying these enterprises and providing them with the relevant services to ensure financial services benefit more micro-sized enterprises.

During the webcast, technical experts from Agricultural Bank of China and Ping An Bank had respectively shared their experiences on how both banks applied big data technology to remodel their financial services and better served small and micro-sized enterprises in the country. Agricultural Bank of China had rapidly launched six measures including introducing deferred payment plans, full credit guarantee, increasing credit limits for enterprises, implementing preferential loan rates, improving online financial services and collaborating with companies related to epidemic prevention. Ping An Bank applied big data to their core system, utilizing contactless service channels to enable mainstream financing products to fully realize round-the-clock service and online processing, providing efficient and safe financial services to help small and micro-sized enterprises resume businesses normally. 

Sunline is one of the leading fintech company with many years of experiences in big data technologies and with these experiences, helped financial institutions provide seamless, most relevant and uninterrupted digital financial services during the outbreak. In this webcast, Ms. Xiong Lin shared how big data can be applied to develop the most relevant financial services.

Ms. Xiong shared trends and insights of the financial industry with the development of technology. Although banks have created increasingly diversified online channels, they are still unable to meet the expectations of their customers who have higher requirements for speed and differentiation of services. Customer loyalty has gradually decreased. In order to mend the gaps, banks must transform to support channel mobility and diversification, provide scenario-based products, high-frequency business and data services to meet customer needs. Banks which still runs on traditional banking data system lacks the ability to mine data, causing shortage of data asset value.

How to maximize the value of data in the banking industry?

Based on years of experience in banking IT services, Sunline has now refined a set of data centralization plans rooted in financial business logic and IT architecture, which can help banks to fully mine data and provide more efficient and economical data value in all scenarios.

Sunline Data Mid-end Solution programs mainstream data capabilities into platforms including data integration platform, data exchange platform, real-time data platform, historical data platform, external data collection platform, data asset management platform, etc. in order to achieve comprehensive storing, ingesting, processing and analyzing of data as well as data reuse, maximining the leverage of valuable data assets.

With Sunline’s big data solution, banks will not only be able to accurately measure customer contributions and comprehensively identify customer risks, but will also be assisted in decision-making, creating more reasonable product pricing, implementing more relevant marketing, products and services for customers while monitoring the competitive dynamics in a timely manner. Real-time information monitoring and notifications will achieve more accurate capital measurement while real-time monitoring of bank’s own IT system allow operations planning behind-the-scene anytime, anywhere.


Why is Sunline excellent in big data services?
With more than a decade of practical experience in the field of data asset management, equipped with innovative technologies and deep understanding of customers, Sunline has been widely praised by customers. Their outstanding big data solutions has earned the company the "Product Innovation Outstanding Contribution Award" awarded by Bank of Zhengzhou, while also helped their customers Hengfeng Bank won the ‘Outstanding Achievement Award in Financial Big Data Innovation Application’ for both their big data analytics platform and comprehensive early warning projects and Penghua Fund won the ‘2019 IDC Financial Industry Technology Application Scenario - Best Innovation Award’ for their next-generation TA system project.

Sunline’s Big Data team has provided data solutions to more than 200 clients in the financial industry including banks, securities, funds, insurance, trusts, as well as fintech companies.

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