Sunline Celebrates Mid-Autumn Festival with All Overseas Employees in Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta and Bangkok
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In conjunction with Mid-Autumn Festival, Xu Yali, Managing Director of Sunline Holding along with Chris Hang, Head of Overseas Operation Department and Alex Long, Head of Overseas Finance Department had visited employees and on-site project teams in subsidiaries offices and project sites in Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta and Bangkok from 9th to 13th September. On behalf of the higher management of Sunline Overseas Group, the directors personally expressed their sincere gratitude to all employees who have worked hard and grown with the company.

During the visits, Xu has coordinated meetings with the local management teams and project leaders, as well as conducted surveys with office employees and on-site project team members who work on the front-line to understand more in-depth about the current company systems, processes, cultures, difficulties faced, career development, welfare treatment and other aspects to support the employees. 

In response to the feedback of overseas employees, Xu has immediately put follow up plans into action. Overseas Operation Department has been assigned to be the liaison to connect overseas teams with relevant departments at the headquarters and help solve any pending issues swiftly while Overseas Finance Department has been assigned to rediscover and analyze overseas marketing and sales strategies.

As a result of these visits, communications between management and employees were effectively established, significantly narrowing the distance between the headquarters and overseas subsidiaries. The management team has updated and implemented overseas policies and system processes fitting to overseas system and culture. Through these changes, voices of overseas employees were truly heard and provides a sense of belonging to all overseas employees. The actions of the management team play a pivotal role in realizing Sunline as a truly International company!

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