KADC 2024: Sunline & Kunpeng Embark on Digital Intelligence Finance
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The Kunpeng Ascend Developer Conference 2024, themed "Embrace with Passion, Shine Together," was successfully held in Beijing recently. This technical extravaganza aimed to create an open, shared, and learning platform, assisting developers in comprehensively understanding innovative computing infrastructure software and jointly promoting the implementation of industry solutions to accelerate industry intelligence.


As a leading fintech solution provider and an outstanding global industry solution partner of Huawei, Sunline was invited to participate in this conference. At the "Kunpeng Developer Summit," Sunline exchanged and shared its experience in Kunpeng native development practices. During the conference, Sunline participated in the launch of the Kunpeng Ascend Native Innovation Exchange and was honored with the "2023 Powered by Kunpeng Best Application Software Solution Award."


Exploring Digital Intelligence Core Development with Kunpeng


At the Kunpeng Developer Summit, Mr. Yang Guoxiong, the Technical Director of Platform Technology at Sunline, delivered a keynote speech on "Sunline's Core Banking System Kunpeng Native Development Practice," where he shared the deep integration achievements of Sunline's self-developed APStack technology platform with Huawei's Kunpeng native development ecosystem - the "Sunline Core System Kunpeng Native Development Solution."

Entering the era of digital intelligence, financial institutions urgently need to establish a highly adaptable digital application construction system, enabling agile development to seamlessly integrate technology with business. As the cornerstone of banking business development, the reconstruction of core systems is a massive and highly complex "systematic project." How to deeply integrate "digitalization" and "intelligence" and achieve digital efficiency in the software production process is crucial for the development and innovation of financial institutions.


As an innovative benchmark in the industry, Sunline continues to evolve in the field of new core systems. Leveraging enterprise-level business modeling, implementation processes, and cloud-native concepts, we have adopted a modular distributed architecture and independently developed the industry-leading financial-grade cloud-native digital productivity platform - the APStack technology platform. This platform enables financial institutions to build a new type of digital technology foundation.  At the same time, with the support of Huawei's Kunpeng native development ecosystem and relying on a toolchain covering code development, integration testing, and version release throughout the entire lifecycle, the development and operation of core systems will become more intelligent, efficient, secure, and high-performance. This allows core "productivity" to truly undergo a qualitative leap, empowering financial institutions to fully embrace the era of digital intelligence.


Honored with the "Best Application Software Award for Selected Solutions"


At the Developer Night event, Sunline's "Distributed Banking Core Business System" was honored with the "2023 Powered by Kunpeng Best Application Software Award for Selected Solutions." This award not only highly recognizes the past collaborative achievements between Sunline and Huawei Kunpeng but also reflects the limitless prospects for future technical exchanges and cooperation between the two parties.

Jointly Launching the Kunpeng Ascend Native Innovation Exchange


At the conference, Sunline, along with representatives from 21 other Kunpeng Ascend partners, enterprises, and universities, jointly ignited the Kunpeng Ascend Native Innovation Exchange. In the future, the "Innovation Exchange" will regularly hold seminars focusing on native technology to promptly share the latest technological advancements, exchange native application cases, and establish a broader platform for technical connections and innovation sharing.

Harnessing the power of developers to usher in the era of intelligence. Looking ahead, Sunline will join forces with Huawei Kunpeng Ascend to explore and practice cutting-edge technologies together, laying a solid digital foundation, advancing the development of digital and intelligent banking solutions, and accelerating the pace of financial technology innovation.


About Kunpeng Ascend Developer Conference 2024


Kunpeng Ascend Developer Conference is an annual technology event held by Huawei for developers, aiming to create an open, shared, and learning exchange platform that gathers industry leaders, technology experts, academic leaders, as well as partners, universities, and outstanding developers to share computing industry trends, cutting-edge AI technology, industry innovation cases, and excellent developer practices, enabling developers to develop efficiently, jointly promoting industry solutions and application innovations, and accelerating industry intelligence.


About Sunline


Shenzhen Sunline Tech Co., Ltd., a globally leading provider of financial technology solutions, has been dedicated to offering comprehensive financial IT solutions to financial institutions, including core banking, internet finance, data management, and administrative services, since its establishment in 2002. Sunline and Huawei have engaged in long-term and in-depth collaboration in various fields. Leveraging Huawei's advanced technology platform, Sunline and Huawei jointly develop cutting-edge financial technology products and solutions, driving the intelligent and digital transformation of the financial industry.

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