A New Information Innovation Data Warehouse Platform Built with the Launching of Bank of Jilin's Data Warehouse Project
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After 18 months, the new generation core system project for Bank of Jilin has been successfully put into operation. The project group reconstructed 12 important information systems for the entire bank, realizing optimization and upgrading of the overall IT architecture and marking the commencement of the digital and intelligent transformation journey for the Bank.

Since Bank of Jilin has fully launched the "Jixing Project” in 2021, Sunline’s project team acted as the "chief engineer" in the essential information system reconstruction of Bank of Jilin’s new data warehouse according to the main aim of the Bank to unify data standards, creating a powerful technical platform for massive data computing and complex model processing, realizing comprehensive centralized collection, processing, storage and sharing of data, and comprehensively, timely and accurately displaying the operation status and trends of key systems of the head office as well as branches, ultimately maximizing the value of data mining for Bank of Jilin.

As an important part of the New Generation Core System Project, the data warehouse undertakes the key role of precipitating standardized data assets, exerting data potential, and building a high-performance and high-availability data platform.

Breaking through data barriers, achieves unified data collection and storage services

The new data warehouse adopts a five-layer model architecture. With clear layers and close connections, model transformation is achieved according to the characteristics of multiple legal persons for Bank of Jilin, realizing the splitting of multi-legal person data. At present, the platform has realized data warehousing of more than 50 upstream business systems, and provided data services and data interface processing services for more than 30 systems, effectively meeting the needs of various analytical businesses and applications.

Implement data standards and improve data sharing capabilities

Through the integration of the Bank’s data management and control platform, clearing barriers to data sharing across systems and business domains through combining data standards, realizing standard mapping of data warehouses that follow bank data governance management specifications and requirements in the process of data layering and data processing, as well as conducting data standardization processing based on unified metadata management requirements and data quality inspection.

Empower business applications and promote digital transformation

Through the construction of a new data warehouse, the data application capabilities of Bank of Jilin's five major business pillars have been comprehensively improved to timely and accurately display the business operation status of the head branch via the management cockpit system, ultimately supporting senior management decisions. In lieu with the wave of information and innovation, the Bank of Jilin has taken advantage of the momentum and built a new data warehouse platform based on Sunline's independent and controllable data warehouse solutions and supporting products, realizing the controllable full-stack technology from the underlying database to the upper data application portal and comprehensively ensure data security.

Database: Domestic MPP database is adopted to support large-scale data storage and processing.

Data collection: With the use of Sunline data exchange platform, data sharing and use between various systems through centralized management and other means.

ETL development: Sunline data development platform is adopted to ensure batch development, process standardization, operation visualization, and simplified maintenance.

Task scheduling: Sunline enterprise-level scheduling platform is adopted to efficiently manage batch tasks in the data warehouse, shortening the batch time window while reducing operations and maintenance costs.

In the future, Sunline will continue to work with more banks to further expand the leading practice of financial data platform system. Through the strengthening of independent and controllable technologies and its applications, the company will enhance the core driving force of financial technology innovation and ultimately lead the development of the industry.

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