Sunline Joins Hands with Banks to Accelerate the New Engine of Retail Transformation
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The wide application of big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain and other technologies in the field of new retail has provided important support for the retail digital transformation of banks. The emergence of "customer-centric" retail business model has become a new strategy for the development of retail business of financial institutions in the new era. The "Big Retail Operation Analysis System" of a leading city commercial bank in East China built by Sunline has helped the bank effectively immerse retail data assets and steadily improve the marketing conversion rate as well as the operation and management efficiency since its launch, enhancing the digital transformation of the bank's retail sales business.

At present, external competitions and internal challenges are accelerating the digital transformation process of commercial banks, and the retail business has become a "new engine" for profit growth of commercial banks due to its characteristics such as large customer scale, high potential value and high return on assets.

"Information is the lubricant oil of the 21st century, and analysis is the engine”. A large number of information sources and data analysis are the key to the successful acceleration of new retail transformation. In the era of big data retail industry as well as in the face of a huge customer group and complex and changeable market demand, in order to adapt to market changes and grasp market dynamics in a timely manner, it is necessary to analyze the data of all aspects of retail and obtain scientific and effective conclusions to guide decision-making.

Sunline understand the needs of retail digital transformation in domestic banks. With deep coupling of digital technology with retail business processes, Sunline’s solution provides banks with digital retail operation analysis solutions covering retail data collection, data integration, data processing, data services, and data application support that builds a basic data platform for retail applications and services to strengthen retail business data governance, effectively precipitating retail data assets and providing data services for the whole chain of retail business such as marketing, risk control, and business decision-making, ultimately improving retail customer acquisition insights and value mining capabilities and accelerating retail business digital transformation.

With mature solutions and professional implementation services, Sunline has built the big retail operation analysis systems for many joint-stock banks such as Everbright Bank, Ping An Bank, Industrial Bank, Hengfeng Bank, etc.

The big retail operation analysis system allows banks to make use of "numbers" in decision-making

Sunline participated in the construction of the large retail operation analysis system of a leading city commercial bank in East China, launching three parts this year: personal loan business analysis, customer capital flow analysis, and retail customer portrait; helping the bank build a micro to macro construction. The big retail operation analysis system boosts daily data analysis and strategic decision-making, through refined, intelligent and digital analysis and decision-making, effectively supporting the development, operation and process management of the bank's retail sales business:

  • Personal loan operation analysis: The "Personal Loan Operation Comprehensive Evaluation" module provides business skills and guidance marketing strategies based on the comprehensive evaluation of the loan business of institutions and account managers in six dimensions. The "Indicator Kanban" module builds a rich personal loan indicator warehouse, which can support user-defined indicators, configure indicators in nine grids and display the increase or decrease of indicator changes in multiple dimensions and from a full perspective. The "real-time large screen" module displays marketing and operation indicators through a big screen, guiding marketing and assisting business decision-making in real time.

  • Customer capital flow cloud map: improves the existing retail capital cloud map front-end application system and visually displays real-time capital flow through customer capital inflow and outflow, product purchase redemption, customer level migration and other dimensions, and assist product operation decisions.

  • Retail customer profile: Establish a panoramic view of retail customers, and build customer profiles based on six dimensions: customer identification, value scoring, customer labels, marketing insights, company linkage, and risk information. Through a deeper level comprehensive value evaluation and related information analysis and deep mining of customer value to empower precision marketing, the module help achieve customer differentiated operation and daily refined management.

Real-time data processing mechanism to visualize data flow

The huge amount and categories of consumer information is the foundation of retail data analysis, and how to process effective information in a timely manner, feedback to the business, and assist decision-making in the massive amount of data generated every day is the key to maximizing the value of data.

Generally, data synchronization processing mechanism includes offline and real-time methods. While offline data processing mode can meet the needs of most business analysis scenarios, in the face of real-time warning, monitoring and other scenarios, the real-time requirements of indicators reach the minute level or even the second level of data processing, becoming the better solution. Sunline's real-time data processing solution adopts the method of combining streams and batches, real-time data flow unified access, computing, storage, service, offline data supplementation of dimension tables and other information, providing data guarantee and real-time data verification through offline indicators to ensure data accuracy.

In the construction project of a large retail operation analysis system for a city commercial bank, Sunline introduced real-time data processing technology combined with the bank's retail business process to extract a series of real-time data application scenarios to achieve efficient and real-time transmission of multi-dimensional data such as business marketing, risk monitoring, and efficiency monitoring of all the retail financial lines in the entire bank.

  • Real-time marketing screen: provides real-time indicator dynamics for three types of loans, including quota, mortgage and operations for the retail financial line of the main branch, focusing on business incentives.

  • Real-time operation screen: provides real-time dynamics of key indicators of the overall scale of personal loans and branch operation analysis for the retail finance line of the head branch, focusing on operation analysis and decision-making.

  • Customer capital flow cloud map: displays real-time capital inflow and outflow TOP5, product purchase redemption TOP5 and other indicators on the large screen, focusing on product decision-making.

Since the launch of the system, the total number of visits to the personal loan operation analysis system has reached nearly 150,000 people and the total number of users has reached nearly 1,000 people, accumulating more than 2,000 users and nearly 40,000 visits in retail customer profiles. The operation of the capital cloud map is stable, which effectively supports the monitoring of capital inflow and outflow. Through Sunline's service upgrade, the retail marketing conversion rate and operation management efficiency of a city commercial bank have steadily improved, and the consumer side has continued to respond with positive feedbacks.

In the future, based on the support of big data and massive data analysis technology, Sunline will continue to work with financial institutions to create a large retail business model that closely integrates the platform and users to truly realize "customer-centric" retail digital transformation!

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