Sunline Once Again Swooped Large Joint-stock Bank Risk Management and Interbank Fund Projects
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Sunline's financial interbank business has been very active in the top joint-stock banks market, and recently won projects for a joint-stock bank's intelligent market risk management platform and its financial interbank business digital operations. With innovative solutions and leading technological advantages, the solution will help the bank improve their risk management and trading capabilities, promote digital transformation of its interbank financial services, as well as prevent and resolve financial risks, with the ultimate aim of deepening financial reformation.

In the era of new technology and economy driven by financial opening, technological progress and continuous waves of digitalization, the traditional development model of the banking industry is undergoing subversive changes. In recent years, with the rise and vigorous development of interbank fund business, major commercial banks have taken actions accordingly to comprehensively promote the digital transformation of interbank fund business by building an intelligent fund system platform, empowering the development of business front, middle and back-office, and boosting financial interbank business. Business has become an important engine supporting the future development of financial institutions.

Relying on two decades of practices and experience in the financial field, Sunline has a deep insight in the development trend of the digital transformation of capital business, focusing on improving the two core capabilities - risk and transaction, helping customers to activate market potential. The professional application of system planning, transaction integration, risk quantification, and intelligent operation continues to improve, and can provide customers with comprehensive, end-to-end capital business solutions.

Winning two consecutive projects for a joint-stock bank this time marks that Sunline has reached a new level in the development of its interbank fund business, and has become a trusted partner for the industry's leading interbank fund transaction and risk management platform constructions.

Intelligent market risk management platform project

The market risk management platform integrates a unified risk control platform for financial market business, an intelligent risk data analysis and key risk control indicator measurement platform. The joint-stock bank aims to achieve unified management in capital measurement models through this platform, and to increase the bank’s ability to interpret, analyze and price business capital.

For this project, Sunline will empower the joint-stock bank in terms of market risk management, counterparty credit risk, hedging business management, capital measurement and model management based on the construction of five functional modules of approval, early warning, monitoring, analysis and control. The project will improve the banks risk management platform in all aspects, fully meeting the needs of different data users to call, read and analyze risk data, ultimately improving the efficiency and value of data use:

• for the management by providing a multi-dimensional, fast, accurate and intuitive management dashboard to strongly support management decisions.

• for front-end users by providing full-dimensional and richer transaction reference information to facilitate transaction decision-making and rational resource allocation.

• for middle-office risk analysts by providing functions such as limit monitoring and tracking, risk attribution analysis, business risk analysis, etc., to get rid of basic work such as data collation.

Financial interbank business digital operations project

The financial interbank business management platform is an important system supporting the business development of the bank's interbank department. Under the background of comprehensive digital operation, the system urgently needs to build a digital operation module, improve data quality, as well as strengthen financial interbank business risk monitoring, business operation analysis and decision-making capabilities.

Sunline will combine the digital transformation needs of the joint-stock bank and use digital technology to reshape the bank’s financial interbank business operations and promote the continuous deepening of a joint-stock bank through the construction of five functional modules: business verification, profit and loss creation, forecasting and planning, risk monitoring, and auxiliary tools. The comprehensive digital operations will be able to:

• refine data, refine reports, form a management perspective, and accurately grasp key management data in real time.

• calculate and count transactions one by one, produce daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly reports for management, and send them to relevant stakeholders in a timely manner.

• supports query and export of various regulatory reports, provides custom report functions, and realize quick handle of temporary needs in a timely manner.

In the future, Sunline will continue to lead the development path of joint-stock banks by innovation, relying on its original and independent technical advantages, and export more professional and high-quality financial solutions, products and digital technical service capabilities to help financial institutions fully release their business potential, igniting the "business engine" of financial digital transformation!

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