Sunline Shared Insights on How Banks Can Benefit from Technologies and Innovations at the 2022 MBFS
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On March 29, hundreds of participants, including leaders and subject matter experts from the financial industry convened at the hybrid full-day high-level forum, the 2022 Malaysian Banking and Finance Summit (MBFS) to feel the pulse of the economy and the Malaysian banking industry, discuss key trends, strategic challenges and key issues, and converse the future proofing of banking post pandemic to gear up for recovery. As the global pioneer and leader in financial technologies, Sunline was once again invited to speak as a technological partner at the annual summit.

The global pandemic, into its third year, is continuing its disruption to business, banking and society and uncertainties continues with nations grappling with the spike in cases. As banks play a critical role in national economic recovery, their swift recovery will help accelerate economic recovery and enable banks to be more supportive towards industries particularly small and medium enterprises (SMEs). These disruptions see the need for banks to be more adaptive and responsive to the challenges and changes and moving forward, banks not only need to be future-ready, but also future-proof to cope with economic, technological and societal disruptions.

During the summit, Matthew Chen, CEO of Sunline Holding has represented Sunline to share his insights on how banks can optimize technologies and innovations to future-proof their businesses and gear up for more intense competitions. To be future-ready, banks will first need to embrace the changes caused by the technologies, view them as opportunities rather than viewing them as disruptions and threats. He also imparts that collaboration is key for banks to stay relevant in the new era to realize banking is anytime, anywhere. As one of the pioneers who have grown with the wave of digital transformation in China, Sunline has invaluable information and insights about its experiences that will undoubtedly help traditional financial institutions thrive in the new era. 

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