NewUp Bank of Liaoning Named Asia’s Leader in Core Innovation in 2021 Financial Insights Innovation Awards
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On March 26, IDC announced the 15 best banking and insurance leaders in the Asia Pacific region for the 2021 Financial Insights Innovation Awards. The new generation core of ‎NewUp Bank of Liaoning built by Sunline supported by the innovative technology of “microservices + unitization” proves outstanding in their achievements in application, gaining the title "Asia’s Leader in Core Innovation" for the bank.

IDC Financial Insights Innovation Awards (FIIA) has been ongoing for 17 years and has recognized outstanding financial institutions in the Asia Pacific region through their abilities to achieve business goals through novel technological innovation. This year, among the 100 flagship projects nominated by many banks and insurance companies, the FIIA review team composed of IDC Financial Insights analysts and independent industry experts will appraise the nominees on their ability to respond to market demand, deployment effectiveness and market acceptance. Multi-dimensional assessments such as long-term business viability and other multi-dimensional assessments have finally selected the most outstanding financial service institutions that have accelerated the application of technology in the past 18 months.

The core system of ‎NewUp Bank of Liaoning built by Sunline is a new generation core banking system that adopts SpringBoot+SpringCloud technology with microservices + unitization distributed architecture that runs on open-source MySQL MGR database and live-active deployment of private cloud applications in the same city. Such technologies prove strong technological leadership and industry leadership to help the bank support online horizontal expansion, rapid development of their online businesses and meet the demand for massive customer data and explosive growth in their business, ultimately help future-proofing the businesses of NewUp Bank of Liaoning.

IDC believes that in the face of the pandemic situation in 2020, financial institutions such as banks and insurance companies need to adapt and support their business development in a digital and seamless conversion way more than ever. The new core of NewUp Bank of Liaoning has achieved remarkable results in the application of new technologies and business innovation, laying a solid technological foundation for its subsequent digital transformation and development.

As a leading enterprise in the field of core banking system for China's banking industry, Sunline has always empowered financial institutions with advanced technologies. The core banking system of Zhangjiagang Rural Commercial Bank built by Sunline and the bank won IDC China Financial Industry Technology Application Scenario Innovation Award in 2020. At the same time, Sunline always insists on independent innovation. In 2020, Sunline first launched the distributed "microservice + unitized" core and successfully marched into the market of large state-owned banks, helping banks future-proof their business with novel technologies.

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