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IT planning difficult but essential part of a bank’s IT construction. Banks of different types and sizes have their special requirements for their IT system. It is of great importance for small and medium-sized banks that lack IT construction experiences to scientifically formulate and implement their IT planning.

Sunline is the partner of choice in helping banks to construct their IT system, with more than ten years experiences in banking information construction and deep understanding of bank's development strategy. Sufficient demonstration and research prior to IT planning are the keys to ensure successful implementation. Sunline adheres to 3 guidelines in helping customers plan and implement their IT system: Firstly, provide a unified planning system; Secondly, prioritising the needs of business development, business development to guide the construction of IT; Thirdly, we must look forward to the future and make construct the IT system in a way to meet the everchanging development needs for the next few years.

The IT planning and consulting services provided by Sunline include the following aspects:

• IT Strategic Planning - Provide business analysis, requirement analysis, architecture design, implementation planning services etc to help banks clarify their objectives of information construction as well as guide management change and system construction.
• Business Consulting - Provide business analysis, business process optimization, business data integration services to help banks establish a scientific and reasonable working mode, standard process, data sharing and collaborative business as well as to improve work efficiency and performance.
• IT Service Management Consulting - For more complex IT system organization and business requirements, IT management is the core business process for analysis and optimization to help banks improve the level of IT services, improve system stability and reduce operating costs.
IT planning and consulting methodology


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