Financial Management System SunFI

Sunline’s financial management system, through the establishment of a unified, flexible financial accounting platform with the "big finance" concept, incorporate all financial, accounting and business-related organizations into the financial system to improve system efficiency and data sharing. The system includes financial accounting subsystem, asset management subsystem, cost accounting subsystem, financial subsystem, equity management subsystem and salary management subsystem. The unified financial management operation platform and risk control platform operate through workflow and with permissions parameters set into the computer program, enables financial approval, financial budget, financial accounting, the financial system and internal control principles. It provides the data base for the cost control, financial analysis, performance evaluation, economic capital allocation and other financial management work.
Covers the most comprehensive support involving all business accounting management inside the bank, with approval items down to every level of each business sector through “centralized authorization, collaborative office" effect.
Developed based on the front-end, middle-end and back-end – 3 layer architecture design in the business operations; process and risk control; background analysis and multi-dimensional accounting.
Independent research and development of products with independent intellectual property rights that allow customizations and promote differentiation of management system construction according to the strategic objectives of the customers.

Application Scenarios

Cover banks and other financial institutions for financial accounting, asset management, cost accounting, financial instruments, equity management, salary management, credit asset impairment, material management, contract management etc.