Hardware Installation Services
Hardware Installation Services
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Service Introduction
Hardware Installation Services
According to the needs of users, professional technical engineers are arranged to carry out on-site installation and configuration, expansion, redeployment and spare parts support for the bank with the same service level and service quality of the original manufacturer. In addition, Sunline also provides data migration between multiple hardware storage platforms and data migration between multi-vendor databases. Professionals with rich experience and knowledge will plan and implement the bank to ensure the security of bank data to ensure seamless migration and uninterrupted business operations.
Hardware Installation Services
Assist users in inspections and check the arrival of products
System positioning and hardware launch
Hardware system connection
Install system software and configure according to user requirements
During hardware upgrades and expansions, Sunline’s team prepare relevant upgrade plans (implementation plan, emergency plan, rollback plan, test plan, etc.) in advance and strictly abide by the upgrade plan during the implementation process, restoring the system according to the emergency plan in time when there is a problem to ensure uninterrupted system business
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