Integrated Front-End System

With an advanced design and mature technical structure, the system provides comprehensive service functions and can effectively support the unified front-end interface display and application integration of the entire level. The unified front-end product positioning supports traditional front desk businesses including: personal, company and intermediary businesses; system reconstruction and optimization of business processes such as: comprehensive contract, unified receipts, unified collection, shopping cart transactions etc; integration of centralized trading business such as: city-wide business, bill business and centralized businesses etc; seamless system integration of third party applications such as: face recognition, network verification, image system and verification system, workflow platform etc. At the same time, the system provides a complete base for functional support including: unified bank management, rule parameter management, operations management, business management etc to fully meet the requirements of the front-end business of banks.
● Comprehensive business function to fully support the development of the front-end business and possible future business expansion.
● Simple design, convenient operation and visual effects to effectively improve the efficiency of teller operations and enhance customers satisfaction.
● Strong system integration ability with visualization, configuration and components of the fully integrated development environment to quickly complete the business turnover and realize the business process integration and other business needs.
● The multi-terminal cross platform support system is compatible with a variety of terminal equipment including PC, mobile devices and self-service kiosks.
● Comprehensive operation and maintenance management system including authority management, transaction management, authorization management, operation and maintenance management, unified monitoring and control etc.
● Flexible application architecture with open system to guarantee high availability and good extensibility of the business system, being able to support horizontal and vertical expansion.
● Highly secure system to provide comprehensive business risk prevention and technical security support capabilities.
● Platform independence based on J2EE platform, compatible with all kinds of operating systems, supports the enterprise standard SOA architecture as well as good hardware and software platform independence.
Application Scenarios

For the upgrade of traditional bank counter system front-end construction and process bank integrated front-end construction.

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