Unified Payment Platform

Banking platform unified payment platform integrates bank connection channels and internal application system to achieve synergies between multiple systems. Supporting a variety of communication protocols and message specification to provides transaction routing mechanism, transaction buffer and flow control as well as unified security authentication control. SDO trading system built based on business process model abstraction as well as BPEL configuration based on the hierarchical loosely-coupled architecture design and atomic service design with a unified backstage access control planning achieve channel access, data conversion, cross channel business route processing. The payment platform also provides back-end support system communication services, business process platform, unified access platform; supporting two-generation payment, online banking, online banking, cross-border mobile phone banking, direct banking as well as other business channels, system access and integration.
● Integrated front-end operation, improving service efficiency and multi-channel support capability.Support distributed, collaborative and flexible deployment.
● Support business interaction between channels as well as between channels and off-channel systems.
● Flexible business management and technical management.
● Built with a predefined process handling mechanism.
● The ability to use transaction rules to support event triggering mechanisms.
● The openness of the system and the ability to interface with other countries.
● System scalability, reliability and stability.
● Business process reengineering and business product innovation

Application Scenarios

Integration of multiple business channels in a bank.

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