Geographic Information Service Platform

BIU services run from data to information, to knowledge, to decision making, to action and finally to realizing benefits. Hence, the information centre is transformed from cost centre to profit centre. BIU services respond to the impact of internet banking and interest rate market to achieve data driven retail transformations for financial institutions. Self-service BI platform, analytical application platform and data mining platform relies on data warehouse where the structured and unstructured data of financial institutions are analyzed to monitor the financial status, marketing capabilities, risk control and talent utilization of financial institutions. Geographic information service platform can be applied to solve problems in operations and to assist the financial institutions in formulating and adjusting their objectives, provide information support for product innovation, precision marketing activities and risk monitoring as well as make suggestions and proposals for daily operations of financial institutions.
The business team is familiar with the business of financial institutions and is able to relate to the strategy of financial institutions.
The analytical team is familiar with analytical tools and methods (SAS, IBM, SPSS, SAP, Infinite, Insight).
The technical team has the skills of data warehouse, ETL, data processing etc.

Application Scenarios

Geographic information service platform is a grid map engine and legitimate map data based on geographic location data and business data graphical display. Based on the geographical information, other spatial distribution, customer consumption behaviour and other business data to meet the precision marketing and operation management.