Data Analysis Services

Based on the credit card data mining content and 360-degree analysis on customers based on geographical information, the user's behaviour information is deeply excavated by means of POS positioning. Integration with auto insurance data, retail loan data, retail financial data, retail deposit data, property data, business review data, credit card data and comprehensive customer characteristics allow a unique visual dynamic interactive map platform construction to provide strategic support for precision marketing, customer development and risk management.
Unified management of spatial data through data mart, spatial data sharing, business enterprise GIS thematic analysis and marketing support auxiliary platform supports the visualization of mining model and analysis of business data.
With the help of spatial location, the user's behavioural information is deeply excavated, while the user's preferences and habits are understood. Based on the regional statistical analysis of the geographical space, the business development and promotion of different areas can be conducted.

Application Scenarios

Geographic information service platform is a grid map engine and legitimate map data based on geographic location data and business data graphical display. Based on the geographical information, other spatial distribution, customer consumption behaviour and other business data to meet the precision marketing and operation management.