Self-help BI Platform

The self-service BI platform allows customers to build their own analysis systems to accomplish their own analysis goals. The construction of self-service BI platform is a long-term and continuous improvement process. It is also a process of constant enrichment and long-term benefit, by being able to take full advantage of the data warehouse and big data platform. By relying on the perfect data model of data warehouse, the interface and function optimization of BI tools are further improved. The custom BI platform can also support urgent and temporary fetch requirements required for management and marketing use.
The massive data from data warehouse and big data platform is directly opened to users, improving the value of information resources, enriching the means of information service and efficiency of information service.
The flow of information services can greatly reduce service costs, improve service ability by improving the business and marketing personnel's ability to obtain data.
Provides a simple and smooth platform for collaboration between IT and end users through a variety of auxiliary management functions. IT staff can pay more attention to the urgent needs of users and respond quickly.
To provide users with access to instant information platform through the self-service analysis or other ways to achieve immediate response.

Application Scenarios

A self-service BI platform can solve the temporary data business and marketing personnel query needs. Through continuous analysis and integration of data calls, data model construction of the aggregated data layer can be improved.