Central Monitoring Platform SunEJCM

SunEJCM is a leading enterprise level scheduling and monitoring solution for enterprise operation automation. It can effectively standardize, integrate and efficiently manage the batch tasks of IT systems in financial enterprises to achieve the purpose of orderly and efficient operation of batch tasks in the enterprise, shorten the full line batch time window as well as greatly reduce operation and maintenance costs. The platform provides overall control and scheduling of batch tasks for enterprise application systems, being a unified enterprise batch operation drive centre and also a unified batch job application management platform. SunEJCM is an innovative software product developed by Sunline based on ETL scheduling and monitoring platform SunJCM.
SunEJCM is an enterprise level scheduling platform that provides comprehensive, cross platform, inter application batch task scheduling and monitoring to greatly reduce the enterprise batch time window.
SunEJCM has excellent high availability, supports multi-level HA, high reliability and load balancing, ensuring 24/7 normal operation.
SunEJCM has a perfect scheduling control strategy, serial and parallel management mechanism and supports a variety of scheduling trigger mechanism.
SunEJCM has a full range of monitoring management, intelligent, visual monitoring interface to provide dynamic scheduling, monitoring and analysis capabilities.

Application Scenarios

SunEJCM focuses on banking, securities, insurance and other financial industries to conduct an overall unified scheduling and monitoring of all application systems (including business systems, channel systems, management systems and data platforms).