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A powerful core banking system built on advanced design concepts and leading technology architecture. This comprehensive system includes modules for bank processes like deposit, loan, card, settlement, accounting etc. The customer-centric system, focusing on "product line" and "data driven" business function design are built to support business innovation. The system uses Java development on with good software and hardware platform independency, producing high system reliability, excellent scalability with zero downtime. The system provides a powerful mechanism to support product factory to speed up banking and financial innovation; support customized pricing mechanism for rates including associated with interests, exchanges and taxes; support multiple legal basis; support FTA business and a variety of accounting standards; support transfer of assets and new types of businesses, fully meeting the everchanging demands for a core banking system.
● Customer centric: Establish a unified view on the customer based on a comprehensive understanding of the customer's capabilities, provide integrated customer interface with integrated customer service.
● Product Factory: A powerful product factory to speed up the pace of innovation of banking products, greatly reducing time-to-market and strengthening the ability of banks to provide timely personalized service to customers.
● Customization Pricing: The establishment of an internal pricing system for future customer service and the provision of a multidimensional parametric pricing system.
● Data model: Big data oriented, a data model which satisfies management accounting and risk management is constructed.
● Multi Legal Entity Support: Introducing the corporate field into the underlying design of the database to support data isolation.
● Internet Business Support: Improving flexibility of account system with easy-expansion system architecture to fully support the development of internet services.
● Emerging Business Support: Fully support the FTA businesses, two or three categories of accounts, certificates of deposit, asset-backed securitization, asset and other businesses transfer.
● High Platform Compatibility: Fully developed by Java, and has good hardware and software platform independence.
Application Scenarios
For bank liabilities, assets, settlement, debit card business processing and accounting, general ledger, statements processing etc.
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Core Banking System - SunLTTS
A powerful core banking system built on advanced design concepts and ...
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