Internet Loan Risk Control System

Internet pre-loan risk control system mainly includes the approval system and application of anti-fraud system. The design of workflow and rules engine are based on the different key risk control requirements of at different approval process and business rules for different types of credit business. The system can quickly access the unified credit platform products with more than 20 integrated credit data channels as well as supporting real name authentication, electronic signature and electronic data preservation technology. The system integrates relationship between the human network then matching the key items in the system to detect historical data, automatically find and marking the point of risk.
Risk control refinement to support the approval process and approval rules in accordance with the multidimensional definition of customer groups, products, incoming channels etc.
Workflow engine and the rule engine enables automatic flow of each service link and standardize the process of examination and approval.
Highly automated approval process, task assignment automation and approval results.
The system supports separated grading examination and approval system as well as the corresponding level of staff role to ensure internal control compliance.

Application Scenarios

Banking consumer finance group, other licensed consumer finance companies, large retailer groups, BAT, integrated wealth management companies, innovative financial inclusion / payment companies, innovative cross-border business companies, asset management companies, supply chain finance company, inclusive finance company etc.