Consumer Financial Accounting System

A unified account platform covers electronic account management, risk control mechanism, mobile payment platform, implementation of account system, payment channels, unified management and payment product package with each business platform to provide safe, efficient and convenient mobile payment service. Unified account platform includes business processing, credit management, account management and accounting management modules to achieve a virtual account loan portfolio management functions as well as setting up accounts for access to gold management service account. The platform integrates banks and third-party payment to secure transmission and payment instruction as well as adaptation of intelligent payment routing management mechanism to calculate the most economical payment route according to the principle of reducing the cost of the capital channel.
Real time and immediate transactions.
A variety of authentication methods including real name authentication and remote authentication.
Direct connection between banks and enterprises to solve channel costs for many enterprises.
Intelligent transaction routing to automatically identifies the channel cost for each transaction and selects the most economical payment channel.
Online configuration parameters to support customer online configuration parameters with real-time effect.

Application Scenarios

Banking consumer finance group, other licensed consumer finance companies, large retailer groups, BAT, integrated wealth management companies, innovative financial inclusion / payment companies, innovative cross-border business companies, asset management companies, supply chain finance company, inclusive finance company etc.