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Be innovation-oriented, be brave to explore
Sales System, Xu Yao

Active and clever, unruly as the wind

Xu Yao, who has joined Sunline in 2011 after graduation with a master's degree. She returned from overseas with a major in social science and started her career in the Marketing Department. Her first impression was an active mind and an open mind. This lively and outgoing girl has a distinct personality and has her own different opinions on many things. She often has unexpected expression, which sparks the collision of ideas with others and injects fresh and fresh energy into the Marketing Department.

She worked in the Marketing Department for three years, including copywriting, materials, magazine, marketing information and events. In the past three years, xu yao and the company experienced rapid development together, and gained a better understanding of the industry situation and products of the company.

Strong will and unshakable, made a powerful comeback

In 2014, Xu Yao was deeply touched by her grandmother's sudden departure. In order to be closer to her family, she finally summoned up the courage to transfer to Shanghai to become a regional sales manager.

She expected to meet many difficulties when she was transferred to a sales position. Her first project soon proved her prediction. The competitors of this project are very strong in this field, while the clients are highly professional and have high requirements for their partners. Besides, we have ever no cooperation with the customer and they have very limited knowledge and lack sense of identity to Sunline. Despite she has prepared for it, but it's hard to describe the sense of loss and frustration that comes with being rejected for the first time. After recovering her spirits, Xu Yao began to reorganize and analyze all relevant materials of the project. Although it seemed impossible, she never fell back. Her superiors also gave her guidance from different perspectives. She kept communicating with the internal and external, responded to various demands of customers in a timely manner, helped customers solve problems, gradually she won their recognition. With the encouragement of her superiors, the support of the technical department and her own determination, she persevered and finally won the project against the tide.

Fearless to new journey, brave to explore

Xu Yao has a natural affinity. She’s always open-minded and get on well with everyone. This trait gives her a unique advantage in sales work, which not only enables her to be quickly accepted by old customers, but also enables her to quickly establish relationships with new customers. After a period of work in sales, Xu Yao knew that sales needed to have strong market acuity, strong analytical ability and ability to anticipate and calmly deal with various sudden problems. In order to improve herself, she applied for a product sales position, so that she could learn more about customers and projects in different regions. The position of production and marketing requires her to have a more comprehensive and in-depth grasp of the product line, and at the same time, she needs to have certain ability of solution. At that time, she was able to communicate business plans with customers independently. She gradually accumulated her own sales experience from different sales perspectives and tried to match the demands of customers in different industries with existing products. Finally, she successfully opened up new customers in new industries and increased the coverage of the company's products in the industry. And she has more recognition of the company's products and values, and herself become more open and tolerant.

"I feel a sense of belonging to the sales team and enjoy the joys and sorrows that this position brings." This is what xu yao felt during her six years in sales position.

Wine and distance, cat and glass

In private life, Xu Yao is just as lovely as other girls, loves cats, likes traveling around the world, trying different wines and collecting cups that she has no resistance at all. Glasses such as the Milky Way by Kurokawa Osuke, the Star by Toyo Sasaki, and the Mount Fuji by Edo Rosa, as well as the mugs from Van Gogh Museum, VA Museum and the British Museum, can make her feel happy and feel the infinite beauty of life.

"Think others dare not think, do others dare not do, to work and life to maintain enthusiasm and freshness." She had a strong curiosity about the world, that is, Xu Yao.