Sunline Hedu, Zhong Wenwen Sunline Hedu, Zhong Wenwen
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The fire-fighting hero takes the lead!
Sunline Hedu, Zhong Wenwen

"I will try my best to do what I set my eyes on"

In 2012, 24-year-old Zhong Wenwen joined Sunline’s family. After 8 years in the project department, he has continuously worked hard to learn the technologies, and has now grown into a company's asset.

In the eyes of his colleagues, he has solid business knowledge, is committed in learning and studying new technologies and can think about problems from the perspective of customers and solve customer pain points.

“Projects are exhausting, but I am willing”

In 2016, the customer list of the Jiangnan projects was relatively large and the projects demand became faster and the delivery time was shorter. Scattered demand and high-intensity overtime work led to a high turnover rate of the Jiangnan project team. Zhong Wenwen, who was in the Tianjin project team, was anxious about the condition. After repeated considerations, he recommended himself. He believed that the Tianjin project team was in a relatively smooth stage and the Jiangnan projects were having emergencies. He took the initiative to lead several newcomers from Jiangnan project team and independently led the team to open up new horizons.

"Talent needs to be cultivated early "

The needs of the bank are urgent and often require data to be provided immediately in the middle of the night. While leading new colleagues through the project's non-assessment caliber data, he reassures new people, while trying to build good customer relationships with business and technology departments. While resisting the pressure of project implementation, he successfully completed the transition for the new and old project team. After 3 months of efforts, in October of the same year, his team completed the first half of the development contract confirmation work and laid a strong foundation for follow-up work.

Life needs a sense of ritual    

During the project's less urgent lunch break, he would find a corner to call his wife on the phone and listen to his two-year-old daughter. In the short talk, he is always filled with his wife and children's concern and miss. Life needs a sense of ritual, occasionally go home to your family, send small gifts to your wife and children for surprises, accompanying your family in various forms.

Laughing all the way, expecting the future

One morning in 2017, he was drunk outside and bleeding a little in his throat, he did not expect concerned phone calls from, making him feel very warm. In Sunline, colleagues are more like family.

He said, "I like Sunline, the atmosphere and warmth, and the way between colleagues and leaders, I feel very comfortable." Travel is very hard and the projects are very tiring but I am willing."