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Sunline Hangzhou, Yu Suqi

"Being serious is my attitude towards work"

Yu Suqi officially joined Sunline in 2016 with youth and vitality. After multiple projects and countless trainings, he achieved a qualitative leap from being a junior programmer to a senior engineer.

In his personal time, he likes to read professional books to improve his skills and also enjoys DIY cooking and hanging out with friends.

In the eyes of his colleagues, he is a younger brother with a sense of responsibility and enthusiasm. He not only takes everything seriously but also help others mix well into the team and achieve success together.

The people of Sunline always at leveling up mode!

Level 1: emergency online mobile OA office system

Chinese New Year 2020 was destined to be extraordinary. Yu Suqi returned to his hometown in Wuhan as in previous years. On the third day of his arrival, Wuhan was locked down. Due to the severe situation of the epidemic, the entire city was paused. In order to ensure the overall operation progress, the mobile OA office system was launched and put into use as soon as possible. During this time, the system function was still in the stage of improvement. The team worked overtime to improve the functions of the integrated OA module. After evaluating the risk and reporting, it goes online.

After going online, the system has a bug and needs to reply messages to a dozen groups daily (explaining functions, tracking problems and version iterations, etc.); at this critical juncture, there is an abnormality in the broadband at home and due to the epidemic, no one is able to repair so he can only work with 4G network. In order to make the network more stable, he gathered mobile hotspots of his family members and ensure his can work effectively.

Level 2: Solving the dysfunction of APP and emergency release of new version

During remote work, although the APP can be logged in successfully login, the request showed signs of slow loading. Based on work experience and intuition, the situation was prognosed to be caused by insufficient disk space. Teammates was immediately called to check the server status in the production room and was found that there was a problem with the queue mechanism, which was quickly coordinated to complete the test and publish it instantly.

Level 3: Solve the abnormal situation of the APP push function

In order to improve the efficiency of the work flow, a push function was added into the APP. When the customer reported that the push was abnormal, the team immediately launched a series of investigations and found that it was caused by Huawei's push to request the domain name corresponding to the IP replacement. The team formulated an emergency plan and finally solved the problem with a DNS resolution plan.

Over the years, he not only realized the importance of teamwork but also learned how to communicate the needs of customers. In the future, the team will continue to improve our technical and management capabilities.

He is convinced that the company's development will provide a better platform for personal development of the employees, creating infinite possibilities together in the future.