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Mr. Kong Jude from Sunline Technology

Time Will Wintess Your Improvement

Mr. Kong Deju, who has joined Sunline Technology R&D family in 2017. He has transformed from an engineer into a compound talent who can drill technology and manage. In terms of team management, he has won the recognition of team members and the work of the entire R&D team. The atmosphere is very open and harmonious, and the teams can help each other and make progress together.

In life, he likes sports, and then busy every week insist on running and keeps running and fitness every week; He also likes to read books, mainly related to technology, management and psychology, and the subway is the best place to read and sort out ideas. 

In the eyes of colleagues, he’s cheerful, meticulous and methodical, and cares about self-learning and improvement. He fully trusts each member, and believes that everyone is unique, and do his best to maximize everyone's ability, so as to achieve the effect of 1+1>2.

Time Makes Heros 

The concept of open bank became popular in the industry from the year 2018. The exploration of data sharing and open data in the banking industry abroad promoted the development of open bank. Many big Banks in China have also launched their own open platforms, such as Bank of China, China Merchants Bank and Shanghai Pudong Development Bank. Sunline competitors have also introduced the combination of digital transformation and open banking in the data center. Sunline technology fully understood the development trend of open banking and the demands of bank customers, set up open banking research team.

There was no clear direction of the open bank at the beginning. Kong Deju actively participated in the research of the open bank, exported the research results, combined with the research results, and began to build Sunline’s enterprise-level financial open platform. Facing the unknown knowledge and the attention of the leaders, pressure and twists and turns, he did not fear trial and error, led the team to explore, and ultimately determines the whole life cycle of API centered management research and development direction. In this case, a Although it’s a little late, our fast iteration and perfect function are now ready to go head-on with our competitors.

From the year 2018, Kong Deju led the team to make the incubation versions of open platform 1.0 and 2.0, and gradually found the development direction of open platform, and made the open platform officially approved in 2019. As the project manager of the open platform, he was responsible for the project requirements planning, iteration follow-up, pre-sales communication, POC demonstration, operation and maintenance support, etc. Active implementation of agile management, research, development, testing, operation and maintenance support to form a closed loop, can quickly respond to customer needs and gradually improve the product, enhance product competitiveness.

A Long Way To Go

At present, although the Open banking has made some achievements, there are still many problems to be solved. such as the product homogenization is becoming more serious, it is necessary to dig deep into more unique value, this is the current open platform project team should focus on the issue.

In China, open banking is still at an early stage. on the one hand cannot be separated from the guidance and regulation of supervision, on the other hand cannot be separated from artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing and other cutting-edge technology support and drive.

Open banking is a long-term strategic issue for Banks. Sunline Open Bank team will continue to pay attention to the latest developments of open Banks at home and abroad, embrace national policies, promote the development of open Banks in China, and help bank customers grasp the opportunities of open Banks.

Exception For Future

As for the team, he hopes to inspire team members' enthusiasm, grow together and create value for the company.

For himself, he also hopes to strengthen the accumulation of technical ability, broaden business thinking and explore the business value of technology in future challenges.

Dream as a horse, act your glorious youth.….