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Collaborative Victory , Considering the overall situation
Sunline Financial System&Services Tang Shujie

For self-improvement, you must look far and close

Tang Shujie, joined Sunline Financial System&Services in July 2019, and has been the site leader of the on-site technical service outsourcing project of Cibfintech. When I first met her, she was beautiful and generous, with a lively personality; after getting along for a long time, just found that she is a girl with meticulous work and strong comprehensive ability.

In the eyes of colleagues, she is a sweetheart-Tang Tang, and she will stand up for you in the first place to help you solve your worries and ensure that the technical team can concentrate 100% on technology, business and the project itself.

In the eyes of the leader, she is dedicated -Xiao Tang. She considers carefully to ensure that every new staff‘s onboarding is high-speed and smooth, to ensure that every risk is effectively controlled, and to ensure that the value of Sunline's service is maximized.

In the eyes of customers, she is professional-Shu Jie. She strives for perfection, accurately grasps every customer's needs. Rapid response, ultimate implementation, which is the biggest contributor to the smooth implementation of client projects.

Be willing to dedication, improve team cohesion

The daily management of the outsourcing team is cumbersome. It requires not only the breadth of seeing and hearing from all directions, but also the attention to everything. In this year or so, the team has been rapidly developed to 30+ , which has given strong support to the development of the outsourcing business of the financial services. The growth of the team is the greatest recognition of Shu Jie. She focuses on team building, holiday gifts, birthday parties and seminars and other activities are well-organized,which greatly enhances the cohesion of the Cibfintech-Sunline team, invisibly formed effective collaboration between scattered project groups, effectively improved the technology stack, and effectively linked up business knowledge. 

When people are determined, they can overcome everything

After the Spring Festival in 2020, under the influence of Covid-19, customers have made various requirements to the project team, and team members are locate in different provinces and cities. How to ensure “safety of all employees and safe resumption of work”? A lot of questions come to Shujie. Such as: daily personnel locating, work content and how to communicate with customers, etc. At this time, Shu Jie kept contacting team members via phone and WeChat to confirm each member's mask supply situation, body temperature, action trail, and the situation of family surroundings . A detailed form is presented to the customer every day. Even working remotely, all the team members are still actively completing their tasks, which ensures the clients' trust in Sunline team. After April, the team members returned to work safely, and all of them worked on site The tacit cooperation of the team members not only reflects the sense of responsibility of everyone, but also shows that Shu Jie ‘s fine management again.

Nowadays, under the leadership of Shu Jie, the Cibfintech-Sunline team is full of extraordinary vitality, and every member can actively take on its own responsibilities and missions, based on Sunline's values and customer needs , Actively practicing the mission of Sunline!

I hope we can all explode our energy on the platform of Sunline with an open mind, and make our own contributions to the realization of the corporate vision.

Run, Sunliner!