Mr. Zhuang Junjian Mr. Zhuang Junjian
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The fallen petals, in return, will transform into soil to nutruish the flower in spring
Mr. Zhuang Junjian

Sunline Data in 2015 as an Architect, has been serving in various implementation departments for a long time, assisting the project team in architectural design, tackling technical difficulties and knowledge teaching. With rich technical accumulation and dedicated professional spirit, he has been promoted to deputy department manager this year.

In daily life, he loves music, playing guitar and listening to music. During his university he even had a band named "1969" and he was the bass player. What he looking forward most is to the annual band gathering where they could chat and play music together. No matter in work or in life, he always maintains an optimistic and positive attitude.

In the eyes of his superiors, he not only has outstanding professional ability, but also works very efficiently. He has a deep understanding of the underlying architecture of technology. Meanwhile, he has a clear and innovative mind to solve problems, and can constantly explore and reserve cutting-edge technologies. When instructing other colleagues, he is also good at coaxing and teaching.

It is happier to give than to receive

The technical support Department where Zhuang Junjian works for is a horizontal department, which is specialized in solving technical problems for each delivery department. His daily work is mainly to provide short-term support for each project team to deal with problems. Over these years, he has sorted out solutions to problems. In the data warehouse project of Agricultural Development Bank of China, he served as the ETL team leader and quickly identified the colleagues that could be cultivated in priority within the project team.  Take our colleagues Yuan and Ding for examples:

Yuan has strong communication skills and his technical skills need to be improved, so he is in charge of communication. Junjian will provide him with basic technical training, explanation of technical details and sharing ideas of solving problems, steadily improve his ability and assume the responsibility of ETL group leader back-up.

Ding has good communication skills and a good technical foundation, so he is responsible for scheduling and development. Junjian will inspire him with some work ideas, and at the same time explain the scheduling design scheme for him and let him participate in the relevant review meetings, gradually helping Ding become the person in charge of the scheduling work.

He said: "It is especially rewarding to be able to identify the potential of your colleagues, to help them, to use your strengths and achieve great results. While helping them, I can also grow in practice and find happiness and self-worth."

Working together, we can move Taishan Mountain

Warehouse project in Agricultural Development Bank, he was particularly impressed that the Oracle software directory of one Oracle RAC node in the UAT (User Acceptance Test) environment was completely modified. At that time, it was an important stage of UAT test, and the repair must be completed before work in the afternoon, otherwise the work of the whole project team would be affected. After knowing the seriousness of the problem, he decided to keep the scene and immediately found the problem corresponding to the executor, the execution order and the execution time. Then understood the reasons for the execution of the command with the executor and explained the risk of the command and shared his opinion to fix these problems. During that lunch break, he worked with the executer and finished the restoration of the catalogue with the method of one-man operation and one-man review eventually.

In his opinion, everyone needs time to grow up, and growth is most rapid and efficient in the process of trial and error. Therefore, when dealing with problems, he will ask the parties to participate in and solve the problems together, which can not only provide the parties with the opportunity to grow rapidly, but also let them directly harvest the solution ideas and solutions.

Achieve others and make progress together

In the future, he expects to learn from colleagues in the department and make progress together, promote the project progress together with other departments, and make use of his advantages in the process of cooperation with the implementation department.