Integrated Front-end
In the rapid development of the banking industry and competitive environment, the isolated traditional banking operation system is causing lower customer service experience and efficiency, affecting services and branding. In the future, the unified front-end services and experience will become the core competitiveness of banks. Customer behaviour has changed and front-end user experience is a crucial differential factor for banks in the competition. Hence, it is important for banks to have a unified front-end system through the integration of interactive interface and business processes to provide consistent customer experience in all channels. Integrated functions like front support mode C/S and B/S dual structure, support multi channel access, composite interface integration, business integration competence, business process reengineering, unified identity integration, comprehensive contract, shopping cart transaction, automatic / manual verification integration and support image / video processing promote the process of branch transformation.
A unified front-end platform with multi-channel business integration, full product line and function customization, user experience design, flexible system architecture as well as efficient development platform.
Value for Customers
Improve business efficiency, enhance customer service experience and establish bank branding.
Q How is the system flexibly extended and integrated?
A:The system is encapsulated and reused through a component-based approach to SOA. Hence, rapid flexible expansion and integration is enabled based on their own business needs
Q How does integrated front-end system help banks improve customer service?
A:Through the establishment of the whole line level unified front end to improve the user experience as well as bringing a unified, beautiful interface and good operation habits for the teller. At the same time, the integration of single sign on to replace hassle of multiple login by teller, thereby improving customer service efficiency.
Q How to ensure the rapid development of the system, convenient operation and maintenance management?
A:The system provides fully integrated visual development IDE, fast conversion tools provide trading and services, transaction template, parameter allocation and other ways to minimize the workload of development and shorten the delivery time. At the same time, combined with the centralized operation management platform, monitoring system etc, it ensures the convenient management and maintenance of the system.